Silence, i kill you !

Jeff dunham has been voted ventriloquist of the year twice so far. Type in his name into YouTube and you'll see why.

While it's not directly warcraft related, here's a sample that should crack you up, 10.47 min pure pleasure.
What are you waiting for, infidel, click!

We've had this video on our guild website for a while now, and if you've just seen it you will understand why the words "silence, i kill you" can often be heard on our TeamSpeak server during raids.

It's funny how small things turn into a guild wide joke at some point.

Another pretty common guild meme is to always blame [name], no matter what went wrong.
Tank pulled wrong? Ninjapull? Lag? 1% wipe? Healer forgot reagents? Just blame [name].
We tend to vary the person we blame on a weekly basis, but usually we fall back to a few special people.
Don't worry, they're used to it.


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