The post about hunter pet theorycraft is making steady progress, but is still lacking some important parts. It'll be done when it's done. Hopefully sooner rather than later, but I'm on about 8 pages of text so far (the earlier one about survival was about 10 pages). In order to keep you busy until then i give you... something to read!

A whole big load of links.

Elsewhere in Azeroth

In no particular order:

Parry Dodge Spin gives you a list of blue Pre Karazhan Rogue gear.
Sweet flag is spending way too much time away from wow.
A view from behind looks at an article from yahoo about gamers and their relationships.
Big red kitty is having some trouble with morogrim...
Mania is asking for some help to name a pet.
the pugnacious priest looks at vampiric embrace
Ready aim trap wants to kill al'ar before 2.4
Of teeth and claws looks at some of the 2.4 badge gear for druids.
4haelz looks at cloth for druids.
Resto4life is celebrating their first year of existence! Hope over and say hi.
Dark spot in the corner is gone twinking.
Enhancement shaman flashes out some damage meters from Zul'aman.
The game dame wants your votes on a tauren icon.
Girls don't game are looking for another writer.
Need more rage is socializing in the hinterlands.
Temerity jane has a LOT of work to do.
Lienna's log is going to london.
Wow Jones writes about the world's oldest profession, yes that one. Well, in theory anyway.


Be imba character auditor.
wowrankings.eu, an alternative european player ranking based on ilvl.
Gankbank an armory alternative.
Armory lite as the name implies.
Warcrafter armory alternative.
wow bash, like bash.org funny quotes.
Patch timer, how long since the last patch? 125 days so far.


Shakes and fidget, some of the translated comics of the german originals.
Wapsi square, nothing like some magic 8-balls.
Chugworth academy, it's back
Lowroad75, harmless juvenile fun. Or.. ?
Xylia, faeries and talking dogs.
Bigger than cheese, really it's bigger.
Mine's bigger, not as big as mine tho.
Grim tales from down below. Reaper.
Girl Genius, amazing comic.


  1. Hehe...I am I admit it. I'll be back in WoW very soon...

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