Short vacation

I'll be in Barcelona (Spain) and thus unable to post from 2-4 Oct. If you live in the area and want me to say hi, just let me know.


My Druid is currently level 62, and now starting outlands. Replacing every bit of gear he's got and his health has already nearly doubled. Outland quest rewards are so funny. At least the gear changeover in WotLK will be slightly less. Well, sorta anyway.

Poll end

Closing one poll that ended a few days ago. Looks like wow players go hand in hand with altitis ;)

  • 2-3 : 247 (46%)
  • 4-5 : 121 (22%)
  • Just my main : 107 (20%)
  • 6-7 : 23 (4%)
  • None :( : 17 (3%)
  • 8+ : 16 (3%)

    I'm currently listening to
    What sort of music do you listen to while playing wow?

    1. Hoho, that's where im living..
      Great city. Cheap alchohol!

    2. Heey have a nice vacation :)

      Only... Just 3 days? Shouldn't you take about a week or 2 off? :P

    3. Must prepare alts for expansion! :P

    4. Have a nice trip! I'd like to go there someday!

      Ok so I'd like to go everywhere someday really. I've got a list! "Places I want to go when I have monies!"

    5. wow, you are pretty advance on my level.

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