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Been a while since that poll got refreshed, I figured it's a good time to swap it out for something related to the contest. You got about 27 days left to send in your answer, for a chance to win a free copy.

Poll results

Your opinion on the new LFG system?
* It's great ! - 25 (64%)
* It's ok, I guess. - 9 (23%)
* I still don't like pugs. - 5 (12%)
* What? Where? - 0 (0%)

New poll up! - Do you read "books"?
Well? Do you? And if so, what kind?
Fantasy, sci-fi, romance, detectives, horror? Heck, even comics count in a way.


  1. Mainly philosophy, its history, general history and some history of religion here and there.
    Philosophy: Plato, Tipitaka, Il'in.
    History of philosophy and religion: Assmann, Jacobsen, Frankforts (two of them), Chatterjee, Datta, M. Muller.
    History: mainly East, from Egypt to China, from Russia to India.

  2. I think your RSS feed borked.

    Yes, I read. Sometimes.

    Comics. They're most easily obtainable form of media aside from the internet.

  3. It has it's moments really.
    Seems to work for me currently.

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