Changes are coming!

I'm currently messing about with the "blogtestlayout" page again. I figure it's been a while. The blog is now nearing it's 5th birthday, and the last time I did anything to improve the style of the layout was in 2008. I did some experimentation with the newer blogger layouts and found one suitable for the comic page. Currentlly I'm trying to make a hybrid of the Simplex template and the gogglecat's current layout. Far from easy,. but I'll get it working - somehow.

It also means I'll have to (yet again) rework some of the post tags - all 300 something of them. So, stay tuned for more info and previews in progress :P

Gold classics

The Great Giana Sisters. Ever heard of that game?
Oh sure, it's an old game, commodore era and so on,. probably bleeds your eyes to even think of such low quality graphics. Unless you grew up with them of course.

Well, you might find this tidbit of info to be quite interesting either way.

It's a kickstarter project, which means, in a way this is an advertisement post (oh gee what a crime),. but it's for a good cause!

Here's another teaser. The music is done by none other than Chris Hülsbeck and Machinae Supremacy! Say what?! Yes, two of the best game music making entities known to PC and commodore kind to date. Music makes the game, and in this case - it can't fail.

Look their names up on youtube if you never heard of them (shame on you!).

Head over to the kickstarter page for more info, screenshots and updates. Or at least share it with your facebook buddies ;)


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