A comic a bit more for all ages is Undertow. Sadly, the comic hasn't been updated in a year, even though the author is still active and drawing.

Be sure to say hi to her on DeviantArt!

The comic has evolved from black and white to amazing full color pages over the years. As indicated by the author, as her skills grow, so did the comic.

This is a story, which starts out with a human enlisting in the guard during what appears to be medieval times. You'll find magic usage, swords and knives, elves and other fantasy creatures, monsters and a long plot to rescue a princess in distress.

The art changes a lot over the chapters, but a general impression of western anime is prevalent among the pages. This gives the comic it's own unique kind of style.

It's a relaxing read, though frustrating it's not really getting updated anymore. Perhaps in due time. But, for now I'd say give it a try and start from the beginning. Read: Undertow.


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