The Tale of a Fraudulent Clusterfuck - Part 4

Part 4

Still Zola here from part 3, I will now discuss things from a developer’s point-of-view.

There are no finished apps or games that shows James did a major or minor role in. James has stated “So long as his games bring in money to pay for their continued development and operational costs, he’ll call it a success”.

James would bluff being able to do networking, by using - first uLink, Lidgren, Unity Networking, Atavism, flip-flop uLink, Atavism - then later bad-mouthing the vendors for his deficiencies, delay for months and months, then claiming progress.

Bad-mouthing Atavism 1:

Bad-mouthing Atavism 2:

Bad-mouthing uLink:

James don’t know how to use Hero Engine and bad-mouths it instead:

When things do not go in his favor, he would bad-mouth the vendor, stating how bad their product is…

James does not know terrain management and wastefully buys Voxel Farm, then later, ATVoxel, and later bad-mouth about it:
James would bad-mouth how Atavism has no physics simulation, no collision… which is simply wrong. James has to code this himself, not the vendor.

James never thought about closed instances, like Dungeon Raids, CTF and other fun activities which requires a team to join. How would you do that? James would have to code it to run multiple sessions of the same game, requiring dozens of ultra-expensive servers.

Greedmonger, Unreal version?

None of the Greedmonger developers (including James) and artists have skills required to use Unreal. James probably got banned for bad-mouthing Unreal and all his posts were deleted, unlike in Unity forums, where forum moderators lock threads.

Platform specific Coding - XBOX, PS3/PS4, WII

Do you think that given the bad reputation James has, Sony would give a PlayStation license to make Greedmonger on the PlayStation? dream on… XBOX?... WII?
Greedmonger would be competing against CoD, Battlefield, H1Z1 and AAA games, which have 10 times better graphics and game-play.

Platform specific Coding - Android, iOS, WinPhones

James would excuse about not able to do mobile games… On the smaller screen, Greedmonger poorly coded and heavy 3D graphics will fry your BlackBerry, toast your iPhone, black-screen your Android tablet for reasons mentioned in part III.


James dreams big of making a MMO. Instead, he defrauds social security by doing sideline work and claiming to be unemployed.
After writing part III and IV, I cannot recommend James for any developer position. He will have to start-off as a highly supervised ill-mannered, below-junior, below-intern-level developer. I don’t know of any college teacher or studio willing to take him on.

I can only state: May God have mercy on your soul, as, his career is dead, his reputation ruined, I don’t know if he can rebound and turn-over a new leaf.

If James continues Greedmonger, he will dig a hole so deep, he will bury himself in wasteful and unproductive work, all paid by taxpayer money (welfare).

The story of Greedmonger is like Emperor's new clothes: The developers promise a new MMO that is invisible to those who are incompetent or stupid. When subjects say it does not exist, they are heavily criticized. It took a child to cried out - there is no MMO. The Emperor suspects that is true, but continues on development.

James thinks other people victimize him, when he victimizes himself, a scam-artist ploy to elicit sympathy, to get your money. James does not think about developers, artists he ask for free work, bad-mouthed, insulted or had their reputations ruined. His friends are artist without portfolios who actively scam others.

He thinks it is acceptable to claim other people’s work his own, and advertise his phony capabilities based off store-bought assets.

He does not think about the thousands $$$ backers and investors spent to experiment making a MMO. He acts like an innocent victim unaware or oblivious of the fact that others want their money back and full refund.

- Continue reading in Part 5.


  1. having personally worked with James when Greed monger first started, I can tell you this james is and always will be a poser. Hasn't a lick of talent in programming. lol he's a damn joke. I find these story not only sad, but equally hilarious on what not to do in game development, and especially who not hire. I know a few people like him as well as a artist or 2 that have no damn talent whatsoever. lol god what a fucking trainwreck.

  2. I think it's also a good example of "why not to blindly throw cash at kickstarter".

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