The Tale of a Fraudulent Clusterfuck - Part 1

The Tale of a Fraudulent Clusterfuck 

Hello ladies and gentlemen,
My name is Myobi and I’m here today as an invited guest to strike you with one of those massive walls-of-text that will make you consider about plucking your own eyes with a tea-spoon, make no mistake, I am no bloody writer and my native language isn’t even English which, honestly, doesn’t make my job here any easier, but as many of you I am a man full of worthless opinions and today I’m just about to share some of those!

The subject is “Greed Monger” and the people behind it, I’m guessing that most of you never even heard about it before and if that’s the case, worry not because I’m about give you a not-so short version of it, however if you were one of those who had the misfortune of stumbling upon it and are well aware of the details, you might just want to skip to the second part, either way, feel free to take a sit and grab some popcorn, you are in for a treat.  

*TL;DR Version: Do yourself a favor and just stay the hell away from anything that has “Electric Crow”, “MMO Interactive”, “Greed Monger”, “James Proctor” or “Jason Appleton” on it, nothing good, if anything at all will come out of it...

Part I: Greed Monger

Simply put, Greed Monger is a video game project well known for scamming about 100,000$ out of people's pockets via the Kickstarter, a company by the name of “Electric Crow” decided to make the “dream” MMORPG, the kind that pulls out all the buzzwords making the most nostalgic Ultima Online players dripping wet, “dynamic” crap, some “player driven” junk and lots of “custom” shit, you know the kind, right? All that by using Unity! Don’t get me wrong! Unity is a great game engine, lots of great games have been made with it! It’s also probably one of the most user-friendly engines out there, making it one of the easiest ones to use, on top of all that it stands free to use right now! So what’s the big issue about using Unity? Give me a couple of MMORPGs names made with Unity currently on the market, I dare you.

At the head of this company was the owner Jason Appleton and it’s lead-developer James Proctor, together with the rest of their team, by using a bunch of assets from the Unity Store, they managed to piece together some kind of Frankenstein sorts of a “video game”, which apparently was enough to convince people into throwing them money, lots of it.

The big juicy drama came after the successful Kickstarter campaign, when Appleton hands over the project to Proctor and takes off with whatever was left of the Kickstarter money! Surprisingly Proctor doesn’t give up, under a new company name “MMO Interactive”, together Joel Hager promises the backers that they will do whatever they can to complete Greed Monger and give the backers exactly what they paid for! What an awesome bunch, don’t you think? It takes big cojones if you ask me! And all for the people’s sake, it’s like the white-knights of the round table, wouldn’t you agree?

Fuck no! (Pardon my French.) Where the hell do you think you are? Disney or something? It didn’t took them long to just go back on their words and cancel Greed Monger, again! Proctor still announced multiple new projects after it that surprisingly also got canceled not long after! Now he comes back once again with Greed Monger… but I’ll get to that later! Right now there is something you need to understand, no one is really innocent in the middle of all this bloody mess, everyone has their own fair share of blame…

[1/9/2013 8:51:44 PM] Jason Appleton: bro, there are people who bought land strictly to resell at launch 

[1/9/2013 8:52:28 PM] James Proctor: It's not even good business choices to start selling before that parcels have a chance to become in demand though! lol 

The backers of the project for example, yes, the silly backers, ironically many of them were moved by greed, Greed Monger promised them in-game “land” if they donated X amounts of money, the amount of land was limited and they would be allowed to sell it to other players by real money, needless to say that many bought as much as they could in order to make a profit out of it after the game was released… look, I’m not saying that being greedy is a bad thing and I sure as hell won’t be here telling you how you should spend your money, I just think that a little research before trusting our money to random online strangers might not be a bad decision, seriously, google is our friend, don’t be shy! Try looking into what it usually takes to develop an MMORPG, we are talking about millions of dollars, teams of hundreds of skilled people and years of development! It’s one of the most complex and expensive video game genres to develop! Now try to find anything released by “Electric Crow” or any of its members, nothing! Z-E-R-O! Nada! This begs the question, why on earth would a handful of unskilled “game developers” using Unity and 100,000 of your dollars manage to pull off a MMORPG as their first video game when even big experienced companies struggle with it?

Then you have multiple websites that for some reason keep publishing articles about these kinds of projects, quoting whatever bullshit these self-proclaimed “developers” spit out without bothering to warn the readers how freaking improbable it is for an indie company to successfully pull off a MMORPG! Especially a company such as “Electric Crow”, that never even released one single game in its entire existence just as every “developer” part of it. Finally, the most obvious, the company itself… if you look around some online forums you might still be able to find them throwing the blame at each other hoping it sticks, but let’s face it, all of them knew what they had at hands better than anyone else and yet they still went along with it. Appleton blamed Proctor for lying about his capabilities, making him believe that he could actually get this project done, pushing the Kickstarter forward only to realize his big mistake after… C’mon, really!? What kind of moron that owns a “video game company”, hires people to develop a MMORPG without even being sure about their credentials? On the other hand you have Proctor that basically blames Appleton for just bailing out on everyone and whatnot…

The thing is, none of them were entirely wrong, both of them lied, both of them were completely incompetent and ignorant of what they were doing, yet a lot of people ended up by only blaming Jason Appleton for being a scam artist and the hell not, while being under the belief that James Proctor was just a poor good sod that despite of everything still took over and tried his best to complete the project…. Oh boy if you only knew….

Continue reading in Part 2.



    As already expected, Greed Monger was once again canceled.
    It’s also confirmed that the madness won’t stop there though.

    Incoming new “video game” projects under a new name, as usual using all the unity assets that he “can get hold of”.

  2. Seems he deleted the article a day later. :)
    getting a 404 now
    i did check it out, and yeah he cancelled it again and stated something along the lines of "if you can find my new user name". Wo there's a worry he will try another fake project "yet again" with the same resources.

  3. Guess whos back:

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