Achievement spam

There we go, Crusader zurgat!
Total number of points not doing too badly either, but there's people "out there" with over 9000 points already. Sick!

So, argent tournament rep farm done. Next on the list is farming badges for the pets.
Any alliance want to swap some of theirs for horde pets?

WoW Matrix away

WoW Matrix was the unofficial followup for WoW Ace Updater, and I've gladly used it for as long as it was working. Described here. But it seems all good and even not-so-good things must come to an end. While the tool did "work", the way in which it did this was heavily frowned upon by the sites that hosted the actual addons. WoW Matrix is leeching their bandwidth after all.

As of recently however, WoW UI as well as Curse have been blocking WoW Matrix, and in effect it's been rendered mostly useless. You can still download it from here if you're curious about it, but it won't do much anymore.

MMOUI - Minion

Introducing MMO UI - Minion. Bit of a weird name, but you'll get used to it eventually. The guys (and girls) from over at WoW Interface saw the need for a better addon updating system and got to work on a proper replacement for the Wow Ace Updater (WAU). They named it the MMOUI Minion. It's nicely described on the WoWHead blog already, but I'll toss you some info on it as well.

* It will work on Windows, Mac and Linux. Unlike the piece of shit from Curse.
* Beta testing is slated to begin the 17'th of May 2009. Keep an eye out, as that's in 7 days already. Unless of course they pull a "when it's done" trick like blizzard has a tendency.
* There is an option for you to have it auto-update your AddOns for you. Unlike that piece of shit from Curse which only offers such a feature for people who PAY for it. And even then, it probably won't work if they do.
* There are some advertisements shown in the tool, not unexpected. But, you can remove those if you get the paid version. Unlike that piece of shit from curse however, the free version is fully functional.
* The tool will have modules / API / customizable functions and a lot more available for it.

So far it sounds a lot better than that PIECE OF SHIT FROM CURSE, so I'll definitely give it a spin later on. Also, in case you're wondering why I'm so negative about curse... Well, the damn thing doesn't work, is putting all the regular features that you'd expect from an updater into the paid only version, requires you to log in to their pissant slow site, and that is, if it even bloody loads at all!

So, boycott that junk and send your praises over to the folk from WoW Interface. /cheer!

Making a Warcraft Comic in 12 easy steps

Cru, from the Cru the dwarf comic has recently uploaded a very useful tutorial for those among you who may wish to make their own web comic.

Cru teaches U 2 Comic.
* Page 1, Page 2, Page 3.
* Page 4, Page 5, Page 6.
* Page 7, Page 8, Page 9.
* Page 10, Page 11.

Step 12 would obviously be, get started already!

Arthas book

Personally, I'm about 50% done on reading the novel about Arthas. So far it's pretty interesting and it's giving some interesting background information about Jaina and Arthas.

It's a quick read, but I find that the background info about most characters isn't really "that" detailed. It's to be expected in a way, but still a shame. The writer put together an interesting story, but is very limited in freedom due to blizzard's censoring. This ensures the book is (probably) accurate in terms of lollore, but means the story will be pretty meaningless and confusing to anyone other than World of Warcraft players.

Eggy Death

I ran into these little guys on deviant art. So funny!

See the artist's page here.

Awesome Game

Not sure if I ever linked you this game called GemCraft (chapter 1) before, but there's now a "prequel" available called Gemcraft Chapter 0. It's basically the followup of chapter 1, but with a "LOT" more options, replay value, etc. Try it out sometime.


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