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/wipes forehead.
That was a bit of work, but you can't put it off forever.
I've been planning to re-sort the label system for a long time now, and well, the longer you wait the more work it becomes. I merged them down from 54 to only 30. Quite an improvement.

Now, with less labels, it'll be easier to find "related" posts, and gives me an excuses to put that top menu up there ^ to some better use. The labels section has been rewritten in the html. This way the whole label list that was previously in the rightmost column could be removed.

This is what's left:

And, has been implemented into the top menu bar.

# 2.3.x (7)
# 2.4.x (17)
# Advertisements (12)
# blizzard (18)
# blog (46)
# classes (30)
# Contests (4)
# DPS and Character improvement (14)
# Dungeons and Raids (37)
# Farming + Gathering (8)
# Fun and Comics (30)
# Guest posts (3)
# Guides (29)
# guild (18)
# Interface and Addons (5)
# Items and Gear (23)
# links (42)
# Making Gold (13)
# Miscellaneous (3)
# Other Games (7)
# Patches (18)
# poll (30)
# Professions (27)
# ptr (14)
# pvp (11)
# Quests and Achievements (13)
# Rogues and Stealth (33)
# Talents and Skills (12)
# Technology and Media (30)
# The Real World (16)
# theorycraft (16)
# wotlk (61)

As a result, I've got some room available to use for other stuff. So, we'll be having a look at the Palace in the Sky group. It's a group that was initially founded with web comics in mind. They 'pool' a group of advert boxes into one account, and use that to advertise the list of links rather than individual pages. The end result is that hopefully more people will come and visit the site :)

Argent Crusade

So, that aside. How are you doing on the argent tournament? Blizzard added a whole range of new mounts (that don't look all that much different from existing ones) here, as well as a good six new titles to earn. I'm on 3/5 of the exalted city achievements so far. It's pretty easy, but does take some time and daily quests to get trough.

In case you're having trouble doing the champion fights, keep this in mind:
* Get the shield up to 3/3 before starting.
* Stay close
* Melee, strafe away, throw, get close, melee, strafe away, throw, get close, and repeat until target is dead.
* Refresh the shield if the opponent gets a lucky / lag shot.

Never use the "charge" attack, the opponent will just do the same. Following that tactic you will generally finish with 80-90% of your health left in tact, and 30-40 seconds on your shield.

Happy hunting!


  1. im sorry... I'd have to disagree with the "Never use the "charge" attack,".

    I use the same tactics as I just strafe circles around the opponent, meleeing and then stop circling for a second to just barely get far enough to throw, then getting back in. But when opponent has no shield, I'll do the same and get just far enough to charge and/or wait for him to start his run away and charge.

    For the most part I only lose less than 5k health, with that exception of the lucky/lag shots.

  2. I used to use the throw/close-before-they-can-charge.

    I do the following
    1. sword & wait
    2. when they move off to charge I ... BACK UP
    3. I charge first
    4. I wheel around and throw before they turn
    5. close and sword again.

    Much faster.

    Even works on Commanders in the Court of Bones.

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