Diablo 3 Achievements

A quick status update.
Playing Diablo 3 currently.

3250 Achievement points. How are you doing? ;)

Had a dps of 19000 on my barbarian,. which sadly dropped down to 16000 or so,. IAS got nerfed by about 50%, and ofc I had a ton of it...

Inferno act 1 was "doable", act 2 was "somewhat doable".
Now,. most players (myself including) are struggling to get through act 1 again.. A complete overhaul of the gear we collected, and more farming.. d'oh T_T *not pleased*


Ever heard of it?
Well, google it!

It's the lastest thing from Embarcadero and comes with the RAD studio XE-2. It's just version 1.0 so far, but it's pretty spiffy on how much you can do with it. I might post something later. Soon as I figure out how to use it myself :P


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