3.1 Inscription Glyphs

Short informative post, mostly because I needed the info myself ;)
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If you're having trouble finding the new glyphs, most of the new ones added in 3.1 are are randomly learned from the Book of Glyph Mastery, which happens to be an annoying world drop. And as with most new things, being sold for absolutely retarded prices on the auction house. Give it time though, it'll go down in value soon enough.

The envenom glyph was removed just after release sadly.

* [Glyph of Dancing Rune Weapon]
* [Glyph of Howling Blast]
* [Glyph of Hungering Cold]
* [Glyph of Unholy Blight]

* [Glyph of Bladestorm]
* [Glyph of Enraged Regeneration]
* [Glyph of Shield Wall]
* [Glyph of Shockwave]
* [Glyph of Spell Reflection]
* [Glyph of Vigilance]

* [Glyph of Barkskin]
* [Glyph of Berserk]
* [Glyph of Nourish]
* [Glyph of Savage Roar]
* [Glyph of Survival Instincts]
* [Glyph of Wild Growth]

* [Glyph of Chaos Bolt]
* [Glyph of Demonic Circle]
* [Glyph of Haunt]
* [Glyph of Life Tap]
* [Glyph of Metamorphosis]
* [Glyph of Shadowflame]
* [Glyph of Soul Link]

* [Glyph of Feral Spirit]
* [Glyph of Hex]
* [Glyph of Riptide]
* [Glyph of Stoneclaw Totem]
* [Glyph of Thunder]

* [Glyph of Cloak of Shadows]
* [Glyph of Envenom]
* [Glyph of Fan of Knives]
* [Glyph of Hunger for Blood]
* [Glyph of Killing Spree]
* [Glyph of Shadow Dance]
* [Glyph of Tricks of the Trade]

* [Glyph of Dispersion]
* [Glyph of Guardian Spirit]
* [Glyph of Hymn of Hope]
* [Glyph of Mind Sear]
* [Glyph of Penance]

* [Glyph of Beacon of Light]
* [Glyph of Divine Plea]
* [Glyph of Divine Storm]
* [Glyph of Hammer of the Righteous]
* [Glyph of Holy Shock]
* [Glyph of Salvation]
* [Glyph of Shield of Righteousness]

* [Glyph of Arcane Barrage]
* [Glyph of Deep Freeze]
* [Glyph of Ice Barrier]
* [Glyph of Living Bomb]
* [Glyph of Mirror Image]

* [Glyph of Chimera Shot]
* [Glyph of Explosive Shot]
* [Glyph of Explosive Trap]
* [Glyph of Kill Shot]
* [Glyph of Raptor Strike]

For more information on each glyph see: WoWWiki.


  1. Thanks for the list, and indeed, the prices for that book are absolutely idiotic. Got lucky I found 3 which I sold for 2800G in total.

    Ps. Did you heard about the attempted attack on the Dutch Royals?
    Shame the sucker died, 30+ years in prison would have done him good.

  2. Hey BBR!

    What happened to the druid glyphs? :P

  3. An evil moonkin game by and pushed them all off the page I bet! I just re-added them :)

    And yeah, heard/saw/getting flooded with info about the "attack" on the queen. Not sure how serious you could consider trying to ram a small car into a giant bus. More likely the guy was just overly frustrated about something.... Surely nobody planning a real attack would consider this "attack" to even remotely have a chance at succeeding. Lots of shock and outrage that somebody would even attempt it, let alone feel courageous enough to take on a bus that size in a regular sized car...

    Ah well, the queen is fine, as are the prince and princess. Shame the sucker killed himself in the process, would be made a VERY interesting interrogation surely.

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