Community service day

Also known as Discover that WoW blog!

It's been a good long while since I've done one of these, but hey, blog crosslinking is part of the game and everyone does it so and then. It allows you (the reader) to discover other blogs and share information. It's also a good way to get other blogs to link to your own blog (/poke, hint, hint) and get more readers for your blog in the long run.

Either way, today I'll start with some of the blogs that I've noticed were already linking here, so as to be fair and give them a head start. Sometime later (soon - tm) I'll make a followup with new and little known blogs that you might or might not enjoy reading as well.


In no particular order.

* Italian wow, has been linking to us for a while trough a recent update feed.
* Beyond the tree, by Nhani. Be sure to check this one out, it's a good comic and offers regular WoW wallpapers.
* WoW Fail blog, random funnies for a good laugh. Link exchange always pays off ^_^
* Epic Dwarven Blogger, beard and all included. Frequent updates from the hairy front!
* Forever a Noob, but still pro enough to link to us :P
* Egotistical Priest, of priestly stuff and much more.
* Lienna's Log, was gone for a while, but seems to be back to updating again.
* Less QQ, more pewpew, words you'll undoubtedly hear more often.
* The Good, The Bad and the Downright Evil, rogues, warlocks and paladins!
* Kestrel's aerie, a long time favorite.
* Where's my frisbee? I don't know either tbh. The dog ate it!
* Occeta alt aholic, there's no such thing as "enough" alts.
* Pugnacious Priest, wonders how many wipes it takes to be a learning experience.
* Twisted Nether, a WoW blogcast. They're in your internethers casting your blogs!
* Liming in WoW, has nothing to do with lemons. But "hanging out" mon.
* Secret Agent Cat, stealthed and in your backpack sniffing for secrets!

Also, this little game is kind of weird.
Click, try, smash up my avatar to bloody bits. Vent some agression.


  1. Oh! Why thank you sir! That little game is neat too :)

  2. *does a little dance*

    I feel all special now :-)

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