Tier 9 and another comic!

Quite an image heavy post today. Just a warning.

Tier 9

MMOC (and blizz) have posted some previews of the suspected Tier 9 gear which will be introduced with patch 3.2.

Unlike previous patches, the new tier will have special graphics for the Horde and Alliance. Unlike previous patches, this does mean some classes will have mostly re-colored versions of the other classes... See blizzard's under dev page.

They do look "gladiatorial" though :P

But for total effort, instead of making Tier 9 x 10 classes. They are making Tier 9 x 2 factions x 4 armor classes = 8 sets (20 recolors though, which are generally zero effort). So, in total Blizzard needs to design two armor sets less. Smart guys, saving effort.

Alliance (Warlock)

Alliance (Priest)

Alliance (Mage)

Horde (Shaman)

Horde (Hunter)

Horde Rogue / Horde Druid, Alliance Deathknight / Paladin / Warrior images here. Mostly recolors this patch it seems.

Random Ravings of a Madman - Page 2

(See the comic page on Drunk Duck for mirror.)
Art by ipoppet at Deviant Art.


  1. Hey! Thank you very much for putting our comic in the sidebar of your site!

  2. They all look kinda samey but nice none-the-less.

  3. Better get updating soon Takorii :P

    And yeah, the T9 stuff seems to be a lot of recolors this go around.

  4. Everyone is going batshit insane over the lack of individual designs, and I just don't see what the big deal is.

  5. I would also like to thank you IMMENSELY for putting our site in your sidebar. We've already gotten like 4+ clicks just from the link being on your site. You'll be happy to hear I added the navigation bar to all comics, although the site looks a little broken right now, as I'm trying new Ad blocks, for PW when we get it.

    Your always a good source of information and have been a BIG help. I love your blog posts.


  6. thanks for putting up pics of the new gear. so awesome!

  7. Hey great blog you've got here. really enjoyed the post.

  8. And, imageshack just killed the pic for bandwidth xD

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