3.3 LFM, maybe?

So, you're undoubtedly aware 3.3 is live on the servers.

Out of all the changes and updates, the "Dungeon Finder" is definitely one of blizzard's better ideas. The old LFG system was poor, as it limited itself to just your own server. The new Dungeon Finder encompasses your entire battle group. Just click what role you wish to perform, select the dungeons you're interested in and wait for the group to auto-form itself. Your alts will never have trouble finding a group again!

You can do a /random/ heroic once a day for two Emblems of frost (Basically the replacement for the previous dailies). Or choose the specific instance to queue for. Random is really recommended, unless you're trying to gear up your alt in the new IC-5 instances.

Which, is what I did for most of my weekend :P
Tried running ToC, Pit and Hall of Reflection in the hopes of getting ANY kind of two hander to replace this with... ... yeah, I know.

Most groups were fine, a (cough) skilled player can still keep up fairly well with the damage, and none really bothered to complain about it. Well, almost none. Sometime this afternoon as soon as I entered the instance the group was all like: "omg a noob", "too low dps plz leave", "go away noob". Like, seriously. By this time most of the gear I was wearing was epic at least, only the trinkets and weapon were in serious need of replacement still.

It took some shouting and "encouragement" to get them started (and the fact that they couldn't vote kick me for another 10 minutes). But, eventually they settled down and we got to clearing the Pit of Saron. It soon became apparent that the player (me) that they were yelling and shouting at earlier, was actually pretty experienced, and doing more DPS than both their shaman and deathknight who were pretty much fully epiced out.

Upon closer inspection, the shaman was using pretty much the same "type" of gear as myself, and the deathknight hadn't even bothered to put placeholder gems into his gear, let alone enchant it. So much for their big mouths...
We cleared the Pit of Saron, and went along into the Hall of Reflection, killed the first boss "somehow" and wiped on trash before the second one because the healer decided it was a good idea to stand in plain view of the undead spawning in the room.
Long story short, I left them to their stupidity and bailed.


Several more runs and rolling too low on 4-5 different two handed weapons later I got into yet another Pit of Saron group. (There's a nice two hander that could drop from the first boss there, can't blame a guy for trying right?)

Almost immediately after we enter the instance the tank leaves. We hadn't even pulled anything yet!
So we signed up the group we had so far into the LFG again and waited, and waited, and waited, and got tired of waiting. The shaman of the group suggested we go ahead and clear trash while waiting for a tank.

Guess who got to be substitute tank?
Exactly. Me.

Turns out he was either a very good healer, or my gear wasn't as bad as I thought it was (probably the prior). But we cleared the right hand trash pretty effortlessly. The mage pulled aggro a few times, but he survived, somehow.
"Just" as we reached the first boss a druid suddenly joined the team. Salvation! We buffed up, killed the boss and.... Finally got the Garfrost's Two Ton Hammer!

Two handed Mace skill 1-400. FFS...
Basically I was still stuck with the Arcanite reaper for the rest of the run.

Less than a minute after the boss was dead and looted, *poof* druid gone again.
So, we signed up into the LFG again hoping for a tank to join. Fat chance.
I pull out my wizard's had and magic wand... No wait, that's from something else. I mean, the "plate gear" with defensive stats on it. I can't really call it much else, as it wasn't enchanted or anything at the time.

We cleared the little trash to the next boss and decided to try something different.
Indeed, me tanking, with dps spec, and mostly dps gear.
And Ick went down smooth as a buttered eel.

We were half surprised, and yet elated. But, we got our adrenalin up and running and wanted MORE! Would we be able to get away the rest of the instance like this? One unlucky pull and a wipe later, (damn those flame casters) we tried again. There were a few close calls where I was at ~500 health left, but we cleared all the trash up to the cave, stormed the cave itself and reached the final boss without any further issues.

About 6-7 auto declined tanks who couldn't be bothered with joining an instance where 1-2 bosses were already dead - later, a Death knight suddenly joined the group! We were just about to pull the boss, but figured it couldn't hurt to do it with five players as we were "supposed" to. The "tank" informed us he hadn't maxed his weapon skill yet, so we should watch our threat. (/facepalm) But we still managed to take down the boss without anyone dying. And the Skeleton Lord's Cranium dropped. I was a happy pally :P

One that had to go level his own weapon skill, but still.

Gold farmers, still at it?

I don't know what to say really, it's sick, disturbing, rather sad, and at the same time I can't fathom this being even remotely profitable.

Goldfarmers, a whole bloody fucking train of em.
Do a quick "/who Azshara" and 99% chance you'll see there's a whole bunch of hunters there, around level 60. Horde, Alliance, whatever. WHY!?!?

I just reported a bunch of them, and they're not really getting removed at any acceptable speed either. I killed some dragons, and they seem pretty intelligent for bots, but still very obviously, blatantly following a set path killing the dragons and skinning them. I really don't see why they still bother with that.


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  2. yea i noticed the fucking hunters THEIRS TO MANY WHY!!!!! *raises hands in the air* WHY!!!!!

  3. We killed them the first week already ;)

  4. That is kinda listed in the topright /eyeroll

  5. ok srry not really paying attention as much as i usually am

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