Sunday, December 06, 2009

December 06, 2009
Patch 3.3 sooooooooon! Maybe even this tuesday/wednesday (USA/EU) Or so some would have us believe. Other than that there's not a real huge lot to report this week (omg lame etc). Either way, don't forget to get your patch downloaded through a mirror a.s.a.p! Also see: * 3.3 change list. * Frozen Halls (5 man) info. * Icecrown Citadel (10/25 man) info. * Ashen Verdict (new faction) info. * Shadowmourne is coming as well. A shame rogues can't use two handers ;) Also In the Cataclysm, Barrens chat will never be the same again. (And good riddance at that) Have a laugh at halolz. Primarily Team Fortress 2 / Smash bros, and some related video game jokes. Still, all good fun. And, while I can't bloody stand most of the songs of the "Beetles", this parody is sorta ok:


Mountaintop Koi said...

hey i have that on my blog to thxs for the info

Mountaintop Koi said...

hey have you completed the full 25 man yet in lower spire?

bbr said...

Aye, we have.