Wednesday, September 01, 2010

September 01, 2010
So, The Cataclysm is looming BIG over everyone's heads and people simply stop giving reasons for their absence after a while. Add in vacation time and raid-days-per-week go down from 4 x 25man to 2 x 25 man "if lucky" and some 10 mans. Well, pre-ordering (Yeah that's a dutch site, just note the price and date) "has" started, and is signed for this November. Things to keep playing for: * Fun. The primary motivator for anyone playing games obviously. * A sense of achieving things. Fun alone is one thing, but fun comes from many things. Knowing you "did something" rather than just logged on, walked around and hit something, then logged out gets dull real fast. * Character progression. You see your character get better, higher level, more stuff, more recipes, more gold, more kills, more honor, more achievement points. You name it. * Raising alts. Alts, the other white meat. Or rather the mains that you can keep on creating again, and again. * Friends. Doing all of the above is nice, but doing it with people you enjoy hanging out with makes them twice as fun. * Loot. Also see: Character progression. Things to consider doing other things for: * Drama. Too much is a bad thing. More stress, frustration, angry people doing silly things. * Boredom. Repetition. The same bosses again and again. It's the bane of endgame really and everyone gets hit by it sooner or later. Most keep going in the hope of finding something good for their character, or just because they've not got anything better to do. * Lack of progression. As above, with raiding days reduced progression slows, more people get bored, more quit, more new guys to recruit and gear up. Which in turn causes more boredom for the veterans as it's harder to progress, thus more players quit. It's a common issue in a lot of raiding guilds. Some players try to escape it by applying to greener pastures, but in the end they too find out that they can't escape it that way. * Lack of raiders to play with. As above, people you've played with for over a year or more get bored and quit or find other things to do. You might recruit replacement raiders, but it's just not the same as playing with the same people who you've learned about over the last few years. * Repetition of old things. See: Boredom. * Other things are free. Yes WoW actually costs money every month. While some other games only require a one time fee. * Other things being fun too. Indeed, greener pastures some may call it. But some of those pastures actually "are" green. Even if the color might be a shade different green, it's still grass and it's still green. * Need time for other things. Other things cost time, which results in less time available for WoW. In the end, if you're not playing WoW as much as you used to anyhow why not just take a break? Right there Well, that's where I am right now. Doesn't mean I'd stop posting obviously, I just like saving stuff up and tossing out a page long rant ;) It doesn't mean I quit playing either. Heck I'm looking forward to Cataclysm as much as the next. But doing two more months of Icecrown Citadel to kill time and primarily farm items for the dozens of new recruits that may or may not show up in the meantime... No, I'd say right now is as good a time as any to look around a bit and relax. Without paying for my subscription. Other Games 'n Stuff Play some Alien Swarm. Hey it's FREE! And awesome at the same time. Good luck getting the "Insane Campaign" achievement. 6/7 here, damn it's hard with pugs. But hey that's not all. Recently they also added "Brutual Campaign" to the mix. I can't imagine what sort of masochist you'd have to be to try that... o_o Digging around youtube is always fun as well. I've had this song in my head for ages, much like earlier, but this one's been a bit harder to find. Well, I found it. It's a good theme too. Be sure to run it more than once. Woodman's theme is kind of linked to it as well. Where have the days gone when video games had catchy music like that eh? BvS I still play BvS as well obviously. Level 193 currently. Level cap is 225 bytheway. Just did 7 Million damage to a worldkai. Up to 52 achievements, over 200 permanent items. It won't tell you much unless you're also a player though. Just take my word on it that's pretty good, or come try it yourself ;) And then there's Newgrounds! Everything by everyone! Which means fuckloads of spam and other shit. But also some seriously A W E S O M E stuff. Listen to this thing, great industrial music by Elfire. And if you're feeling competitive, I've currently got 17485 achievement points. Care to try and beat me? Just note there's some sick dude with over 48K points as well... Nostalgia and amazement AnyCraze is still "alive" to some degree. The forums are all but dead, but the site's still up. It's almost creepy. I wonder how the magic "scene" is doing. Cards still selling for crazy numbers? I doubt Wizards of the Coast is about to stop making new things. If only I had bought a black lotus when it was still cheap. :P Still got plenty of cards hidden in a dark dusty drawer somewhere though. Download boatloads of Anime to watch Just finished watching Lodoss (as last!), Bastard, Devil Hunter Yohko, Diebuster movie, Elfen Lied (omg blood, gore and violence), The Cat Returs (Studio Ghibli is absolutely masterful), Evangelion 1.11 and 2.22, Grave of the Fireflies (Ghibli again), Origin: Spirits of the past (Quite nice as well, I'd recommend looking it up), Steamboy, Paprika and a bunch of others. My HardDisk is getting full.. .. .. T_T Tic Tac Toe Lol, I know what you're thinking. But really it's not like that. Well, maybe it is. Yeah I was bored one afternoon and felt like it. So... I made my own version. Indeed, a fully functional Tic-Tac-Toe game with Human-vs-PC support as well as Human-vs-Human. Some color options and best of all it's multilingual. Dutch, English, German, French, Spanish AND EVEN Russian! Let me know what you think. Or rather, you can't win against the CPU anyhow, but feel free to try ;) I realize mediafire isn't exactly fast. If you've got a better suggestion for hosting Zip files though, feel free to let me know.