Tuesday, January 23, 2018

January 23, 2018
Discord is turning out to be a lovely (and free) channel. I'm simply put quite pleased with it. It's like a cross between a forum, whatsapp, line, teamspeak, ventrillo, spark and a variety of other things.

You can chat, or write, or listen,. share youtube and random images, or add bots to run commands against,. It's brilliant. And free,. I've still got no idea how they earn money, but damn it's good. Multipurpose and extremely flexible. Works on PC, Mac and all mobile platforms. Can set up notifications,. and the list of goodies goes on. I can't believe it's free.

So anyhow, we set up a server for anyone wanting to talk at this link, which should not expire, ever. Here we set up a few bots and channels so you can hang out and play. There's also an RSS bot which monitors several of the bundle sites for cheap deals and free games (which is always a plus to get into quick). I won't say you should join, but joining is always welcome. Even just to peek or get in touch.

I know we used to have a chatbox on this blog - and that I haven't posted much in ages,. cudos to the 1-5 people who still drop by so and then,. Obviously I'm still around - just playing some wow right now :P
Horde on MWoW, in case you wondered. Feel free to hop by - still using the usual character names as before on Azune.

Running a guild currently, not Rampage anymore - since alas that got split up, and I got tired of the game. But it seems I somehow found myself in charge of an active guild, and kind of kicked the old guild leader out. *smirk* he had it coming,. crazy fool.
Yeah Mwow has a few bugs, and it's running behind on the live servers - but it's free, pretty laid back and has an active community of up to 4500 players at most times. If you've an old wow player, it's worth checking out.