Saturday, May 02, 2020

May 02, 2020

Few games in my library hold a time played with over 100 hours. Let alone over 1600 hours as Warframe does. Let me start you off with saying right off the bat, this is not a "First person" shooter. And that was the first thing that bothered me when starting this game. As time goes by that'll bother you less and less however - even though I've been a fervent FPS player for a good portion of my life. (Duke 3D, Quake, Half-life,. just to name a few) 

Few reviews will be worth reading without a proper introduction, but this time I think a video should get your attention quite well,. please enjoy the following: 

Before warframe

Before Warframe I was enjoying Destiny 2. That was before they went free to play for the base game however, and it's not done that game much good imo. Some will agree, some will disagree with that, and everyone is entitled to their opinion on that matter. for me the biggest, and absolutely most noticeable difference between the two games is the speed. Both are referred to as "looter shooter" in the sense that you kill enemies, and they drop loot which will improve your character over time. It's basically an RPG in a way, but you're much more in control over your character and surroundings than you would be in a classic turn based RPG for example. Destiny 2 is slow by comparison. You walk most places, jump like your legs are weighted down, and your weapons are "meh" by comparison. Both games have over time borrowed a lot of features from each other, but you'll quickly see which one did it better as you try and play both. Destiny will appeal more to those who prefer a slightly more tactical, slow pace gameplay, while Warframe will suck you in and get you right into the action.

Bounce all around

Now Warframe, was classically referred to as "epic pinball", for good reason. The game plays very mobile, any jump left or right will happily propel you dozens of meters through the space, and you can dodge and glide in almost any direction. It just responds very intuitively. For your weapons you've got a huge amount of choices ranging from melee to straight up cluster bomb arrows, giant laser beams and homing rockets.

Literally hundreds to choose from. All the colors are customizable in a variety of themes, and so is your player, or "Warframe" as you'll find out through the quest system. I'll try not to spoil, but honestly play through the quests - it'll blow your mind.

A fashion for everyone

Aside epic pinball, Warframe is often referred to as "Fashion Frame" because of the wide array of customization. Players happily make use of this, men and women alike - from big boned ping colored feather winged tank farmes, to dainty but dark gothic frames alike. Melee and ranged weapons, pets, sentinels (a robotic kind of pet), wings, attachments, logos, and even your space ship and clan dojo can be modified and altered, designed to your liking. You could spend dozens of hours doing exactly that.

You should know, Warframe is free. Yes, free, you read that right. And as with most free games it's "free" - quotes intended. Game devs don't work for nothing, they get paid just like anyone for their job and that money has to come from somewhere. In this case in the form of platinum. You can buy platinum from the developers for a pretty fair price (I bought like 4k of it once when the 75% discount coupon showed up, and still have 2500 or so after a year of playing). But, you can also trade platinum with other players, so you'll never actually run out of it - in fact you may end up getting more than you need as long as you are wise with what you spend it on.

Premium currency

The most important thing to spend your platinum on is warframe and weapon slots. Anything else - is great if you're rich in platinum, but should be secondary if you're planning to be a pure F2P player. Never "rush" finish any crafting construction because honestly this game will last you a while and you'll unlock all the things you need eventually anyhow. If you have no patience for seeing a rush button then walk away now. But if you can ignore those and enjoy multitasking so and then (or even use the phone app for it), then the game's F2P aspect should not bother you at all. A big thing to note is that P2W is not part of Warframe. Everyone is equal after leveling your weapons and mods.

If anything it's worth spending some coins to support the wonderful dev team. They've been doing frequent streams explaining the upcoming features and are simply very involved and dedicated to the community.

Space ships

One of the latest features is called Railjack - 360 degrees space combat missions. With your very own (again, customizable) space ship, and crew. Personally I've enjoyed piloting a space ship like this since playing EVE online (Yes I've actually played that one as well), well, only a month or two, mostly as a miner. Warframe brings you space combat against all the usual bad guys - and more to come. Board, steal and control enemy crewships, or just destroy them with ever more powerful weapons.

All this has ensured Warframe has been in the top 10 of Steam's most played games for about 7 years now, and if you enjoy the Action / FPS (even tho this is third-person shooter)  genre of games, then I suggest giving it a spin.

Warframe does have a variety of extra stuff, even on humble bundle. But, you'll find the main game for free - right here on steam.

Release date: 25 Mar, 2013

Minimum system requirements: Windows 7 64 bit, Intel Core 2 duo e 6400 or AMD Athlon 64 bit 4000+, DirectX 10+ compatible graphics, 4 GB ram, 32 GB available HD space, broadband internet connection.


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Nice review

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so true in past few years warframe became mush better

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Can't believe they've been successfuly keeping the players hyped for over 7 years, incredible !

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cool article, never played warframe as I have heard it is grindy, might give it a go

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