Saturday, September 12, 2020

September 12, 2020

Wait, 1 and 2? Can we review two games at the same time? Let's find out.

Let's start off with saying Cat Quest 1 and Cat Quest 2 are actually very similar in terms of gameplay, story, monsters and puns. So many puns. You don't have to play Cat Quest 1 in order to understand Cat Quest 2, but it "does" help.

That's punny

The Cat Quest series is a LOT of puns and cat/dog related word replacements. You may think it silly, but it actually gives the game it's charm. Fur real that's an impawtant fact throughout the game.

CQ2 is a big graphical improvement over the first in the series but the main draw to playing CQ2 is the fact that it's multi player. Indeed, straight from the start you can plug in (or steam remote play) and enjoy the game with a friend.

Grapawcal impurrovements

Cat Quest 1 vs Cat Quest 2 graphics may be compared below.

As you can see the resolution is a lot better in the second version.

For a quick Cat Quest 1 demo you can view Eleonora's recent twitch stream. It's a bit laggy, but should get you a good idea of the gameplay.

The game

You find yourself a level 1 cat/dog with a pointy weapon. You're dragged along a questline to get a bigger pointy weapon and learn magic skills along the way. Many monsters are very rude to you and putting the pointy end of your weapon into them repeatedly causes them to stop being disagreeable. In the end there's always a bigger monster, and another cave to venture into. Cat Quest 1 and 2 are very similar in that regard. CQ2 brings you a few more dungeons, better graphics and teleportation for faster travel.

I found CQ1 to have a slightly more in depth story than CQ2, but both were engaging and very doable on the first playthrough.

The combat and magic are very similar as well - stab, stab, stab, roll away to avoid a counter attack then cast a spell and roll back in for more stabbing. It sounds simple in theory, but the speed and amount of enemies that get involved in a single fight make this quite tricky. Especially when those enemies start casting three or four offensive spells at the same time...

Mew Game Plus

Once you've beaten the boss in either game you're given some new options to continue your play and collection. The game would be very short without these. Introducing New Game Plus. Basically start from the beginning but keep your level, skills and gear. A good way to get yourself to a higher level of power and put pointy objects into disagreeable monsters.

But then,. Mew Game (yes, yes, many cat puns everywhere!) and Mew Game Plus. In Mew Game you're given a set of difficulty increasing game modifiers. Furever Alone, Naked Paws, Nine Lives, Purre Magic, No Leveling, Ruffer Enemies, No Upgrades, Fast Furwards. These options are basically translated as 1 life, no gear, 9 lives, and more. All made to change the way you play the game while all enemies get stronger.

Is there any reward to playing in that way? Yes, it's the only way to get the king's armor set and complete the "collect all equipment" achievement. It's a pretty monumental task.

Cat Quest 1, release date: 8 Aug, 2017

System requirements: Windows 7, Intel Core I3 2100 CPU at 3.1 GHz, 4 GB ram, Intel HD Graphics 520, 250 MB disk space. Available on Windows and Mac, also on iOS and Android.

Cat Quest 2, release date: 24 Sep, 2019

System requirements: Windows 7, Intel Core I3 2100 CPU at 3.1 GHz, 4 GB ram, Intel HD Graphics 520, 600 MB disk space.

Cat Quest 3, release date: tba. (Yes indeed, coming soon!)


EleonoraFalcon said...

Nice review!
Looking forward to the third game! (Yes, I still need to finish 1 & 2, but more cat games = better!)

JohnLucky said...

Good review

cherrrish said...

Nice review!
This game is so beautiful and cute!

Ajax said...

Excellent review! ;)

tiajma said...

Cute review =D I've had the first game in my library for a while, but I tried to play it once on my laptop (I was traveling) with only the glitchy touchpad, which went...about as well as you might expect. I'll have to give it a try on my desktop with a proper mouse 😉

hbx360 said...

Great review

murkotlyvo said...

First Cat Quest game was really fun for me. Cat games are the best :p

JohnSmith5555 said...

Now that the steam autumn sale is here, I'm gonna buy Cat Quest II :D

I really enjoyed the first game, and I hope the sequel is even better!

khayolin said...

i need to play those games