Busy busy

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy,
All play and no work makes Jack a mere toy.

Interesting movie, you should definitely go see it sometime.

Work work

It's going to be a long and slow week, deadlines pushing on plenty of sides and some things won't be kept waiting for.

Guild is working on Kalecgos, any suggestions on tactics would be most welcome. The learning curve isn't so much the problem. Execution of the tactics however... whoo boy. It's a very unforgiving fight, miss a portal and you got trouble. Someone dies and you're likely to have a wipe later. Repair bills stacking high and frustration obviously not far behind.

Had them on 11/13% though, but that's a one time thing so far. Still, better than many another guild. And we've managed to get a good few trash epics which is a reward in itself.

Zug Zug

Never knew Zug Zug had several meanings.


If you're going to whisper somebody who has no idea who the fuck you are, get to the point and don't expect an answer if all you're going to say is "hey" or "hi mate".

If you're stupid enough to be looking for an enchanter in general chat, at least say which enchant you're looking for. And be decent enough to look up the mats on wowhead yourself. Bloody slackers.


I recently added a new link into the wow webcomics list on the right. It's pretty cool, you should check it out. You know you want to.


Two new polls up. How many level 70 chars do you have? Got 5 myself now. Rogue as main, Hunter, Warlock, Shaman, and as of last week a Mage as well. Been working on a Druid next but he's "still" slacking around level 40.

Closing the other poll : How many achievements are you aiming for?
With WotLK we're getting to work on some achievements, some might not bother too much, some may want to get as many as possible. Opinions seem fairly evenly divided on the subject.
  • Gotta catch 'em all !! - 57 (38%)
  • I'll try to get most/some. - 57 (38%)
  • Can't be bothered with it. - 34 (22%)

    1. are you guys using arcane res gear ?

    2. Interesting point, that's actually a big juxtaposition some members are really stubborn in.
      Some of us are yes, to prolong our lifespan and thus be able to spend more time "learning" the fight. Basically the arcane res cloak + trinket, and the BT necklace. So buffed we got about 110 arcane and shadow res.

      Some are adamantly against it however, and thus dying a lot. It's quite retarded really.

    3. we use the trinket and some are using the cloak

      spread up in groups in the beginning then after a return from the demon realm we pile up in the middle till the debuff is allmost gone and the sread to the left

      and well if people don't even want to use the trinket how about not letting them in the raid

      P.S. think we just ahead of you guys in progress killed brutalis twice in enrage.

      ow and like your blog (bit a lurker myself)

    4. Always good to hear ^.^

      Currently the main thing that's wiping us is tank deaths though, not so much the arcane debuff.
      How many healers do you generally bring? 9-10?

    5. 9 normal but have killed him with 8

      you are using 3 tanks right ?

      and the arcane res gear on the dps makes it easier for the healers to focus on the tanks since this isn't a dps race anyway

    6. 2 warriors, 1 druid tanking. Pretty much full T6, and most of the BT loot is being used for offspec at the moment.

      Since there's generally enough healers in the demon realm, we tend to have one of the paladins try to stay in the dragon realm and dispell buffs off himself with the bubble to make healing smoother.

      The demon can still spike the tanks pretty badly though.

      Last night we had the demon at 25% and the dragon 35%, so DPS shouldn't be a big issue. More arcane resist shall definitely be tried next week. We're planning to skip out on BT for a while to focus more on the sunwell. People are getting fed up with the dragon ;P

    7. well sounds like you guys should be able to down them.
      good luck with the tries.
      we ourself just stoped our bt farming as off this week (sadly only one glave).

      Wait till you get too brutalis thats a fun one tho less trash so that helps tries.

      good luck and i'll read when you kick dragon's butt

    8. Saw you did a great job advertising yourself at Cru :)
      About every square inch on the page was filled with RRVS :P

    9. Heh, indeed.
      Whoring out the internets, 1 pixel at a time!

      Can't keep that up for long though, but doing it so 'n then does attract attention. And i'm quite sure cru will get expensive pretty fast with as many views as he gets

      ~150K views and ~250 clicks for 0.03$ is totally worth it though.

    10. You are still everywhere I look on the page :P although 2 banners have been replaced by something else, but who cares... not me

    11. Just a second I'll get my dictionary

    12. Aaah you killed that chinese :(

    13. It was advertising spam for some machinery building company.
      So yeah, killed it ;)

    14. Looked friendly in my eyes :P
      Chinese people are so small they can't be spam O.o

    15. It is when they post the same message on 5 other topics.

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