Tuesday, August 05, 2008

August 05, 2008
Just activated the outbrain rating plugin for this blog. So the 74% who have no idea what it is can look at it first hand. Heh.

  • WTF is outbrain? 47 (74%)
  • Yeah, might be nice. 11 (17%)
  • Don't care. 4 (6%)
  • No, it's crap. 1 (1%)

    If it doesn't work out, I can always disable it later.
    Seems they've been having a bit of slowdown with the service though.

    Guest posts

    Three responses so far have shown interest in making a guest post. There's always room for more. Keep an eye out for some showing up soon.

    Anonymous said...

    it might be a bug or something, but i rated 2 blogs, and when i returned later the ratings where gone. well, i couldn't see them anymore. :S

    I don't have a blogspot login, so that might be the problem.

    stagger lee (darkmoon faire eu)

    bbr said...

    The ratings show up after a bit of load, but are only loaded after blogspot finishes loading.
    Anyone should be able to load though, you don't need an account of any sort.

    Ori said...

    Hey folks
    I'm Ori - Outbrain CTO.
    Glad you installed and using the service.
    some clarifications:
    Due to the growth of the widget usse we had to do some expansions in our data center as well as planned maintenance. During that time we had some unavailability of the service which caused it to disappear from sites. We fanatically keep that behavior which, in time of service unavailability we prefer to disappear and not harm the blogs themselves. During this period we were, at some points, recording your ratings but serving them back only later on, when the service recovered.

    Anyway, things are back to normal again and we are ready to take more bloggers like you which are happy with the service.

    Thanks Again.

    bbr said...

    And there you go, the answer :)