Friday, August 08, 2008

August 08, 2008
Some Blog updates As you can see there's a little shoutbox up and added recently. You can leave some quick comments or nonsense in it. Outbrain is also up and running, and for those wondering why it was acting a bit strange earlier, Ori (one of the outbrain team) has left a response as to the reasons here. Apparently they had to do some expanding and maintenance to their data center. Also, I've been a little sneaky and inserted a link to us post somewhere in the archives. I'll add a link to it in the menu later. Random thoughts Ever wonder what the game would be like, if there were a few things different than what you're used to? Like :
  • What if vanity pets had to be cared for? Like those small digital pets. Also see Pet Rock.
  • What if WoW had a "hardcore" server, much like Diablo does. Where death is permanent. Obviously you should still be rezzable by players, but after 5 minutes your spirit would fly away never to return. Perhaps lock you out for a week straight, perhaps permanently.
  • What if Hardcore mode was available on PvP servers? What a lame thing ganking lowbies would be then eh?
  • What if WSG and Arathi Basin had a reinforcement system like Alterac Valley does.
  • What if WoW gold had zero value in the real world.
  • What if Blizzard hadn't added that silly Sunwell Radiance debuff.
  • What if Forum trolls would stop trollin' the blizzard forums?
  • What if Richard Garriott (maker of the Ultima Series) had joined the blizzard team instead of making Tabula Rasa?
  • What if Bill Roper hadn't left blizzard?
  • What if warriors could dual wield 2h weapons, oh wait...
  • What if there was a battleground where you could use flying mounts?
  • What if TBC was never released, would you still be farming Molten Core? Would you still be playing at all?
  • What if rogues actually had an active community manager on the blizzard forums who played the class?
  • What if loot wasn't Bind on Pickup?
  • What if it took 50x as long to get from level 1-70, much like Ragnarok Online does to keep you playing. (It took over a year for the first person to reach above lvl 90+ iirc)
  • What if Electronic Arts / Microsoft / SOE bought Blizzard/Vivendi/activision? Oh god please no!
  • What if you could learn the opposing faction's language, as was originally the intent.
  • How rare would female characters be, if you were assigned a character gender based on your actual gender? What if eh, how different would the game be? Olympic special There's a special rare pet you can get for winning a battleground during the Olympics. The event runs between August 8th and lasts until the 25th. Participating in a BG will give you the tabard, winning has a small chance to get the gold medal which can summon a rare pet. There's said to be about a 20% chance to get one when you win. For more info see MMOC The Drunk Duck Awards Your friendly neighborhood explosive and breast lovin' dwarf Cru is hoping you're curious enough to come over and vote for him at the Drunk Duck Awards 2008. You're not likely to see this comic linked on MMOC or WoR like Dark Legacy usually is. But he's expecting to reach 1.000.000 page views this monday already. Expect to see a special fan service soon!

    Anonymous said...

    MMOC or WoR haven't picked up on me even though I've exploded onto the scene. I guess they don't want to let the freak in, but I swear I'll be bigger than Flintlocke one day.

    Muckbeast said...

    >> What if loot wasn't Bind on Pickup?

    I might still be playing WoW. If loot wasn't BoP, there would be a real economy. The endgame wouldn't just be raiding. Anything you wanted to do to earn money would be a viable way to gear up. It really is a shame they didn't do this.

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    bbr said...

    There's good reasons though, if nothing was BoP, endgame guilds would just flood the AH with stuff, goldfarmers would be clearing other things but just as much selling. Gear wouldn't have much value if you can simply buy it off the AH or from a goldseller.

    Another idea that was mentioned on the wow forums, that gear might be bound to your account instead of your character. So any gear you obtain can be used by all your alts in theory. That way you'd still have to earn your keep. But you can have a lot more character versatility for raiding guilds.