To-do list

My To-do list for the coming time.

* Work.
* More work.
* Remind friends I'm still alive.
* Buy food, Cook the food, eat the food.
* Complain about the damn heat.
* Smile because I got air conditioning in my bedroom.
* Curse because I don't have air conditioning in my living room.
* Get a haircut, it's been another half a year I guess.
* Clean the house, vacuum, water the "1" plant, etc.
* Clean out the storage room some time, guh it's a mess.
* Buy some shelves for my dvds and cds.
* Level mage from 68-70.
* Level druid from ~40 to 70.
* Harass guildies.
* Buy a faster computer, headset, mouse, etc.
* Get a bigger monitor, or find a RGB-5c cable so I can use the 19 inch CRT monster which has been rotting in storage.
* Hook up my stereo.
* Kill kalecgos.
* Make 20 slot bags for druid alt.
* Look for more WotLK info.
* Farm herbs to prepare for inscription.
* Flood auction house with some spare junk.
* Sell duplicate patterns and gems from guild bank.
* Arrange a magtheridon run to get the 16'th badge on wowjutsu.
* Recruit someone x-realm with a Raven mount to get the Anzu's master badge.
* Look into Guest posting at blog azeroth.
* Clean up the RRVS labels more, and move them to the menu. Remove labels widget.
* Sort trough a few thousand wallpapers and figure out which ones to upload today.
* Upload more wallpapers, create 480x272 sized PSP previews of them. Link them here, and complain about the speed of the image host. Which seems to be doing a good bit better lately.
* Contact a few dozen game developers and comic artists for permission to use their wallpapers
* Clean up the temporary links list at SP.
* Sort trough and cleanup my firefox bookmarks, must have been 4 years since I've done that last.
* Download some movies.
* Find time to watch the movies...
* Set up outbrain ratings.
* Approve PW ad requests when they show up.
* Approve EntreCard ad requests when they show up.
* Curse at google's slacking support.
* Create some more PW banners for SP and RRVS to use for campaigns.
* Start some PW campaigns.
* Look up my ISP's email service.
* Fix up some forum avatars of different sizes and upload it to
* Poke around on some forums.
* Post on this blog.
* Sleep, maybe, sometime?

So much to do, so little time.

So, what's keeping you busy then?


  1. Reading everything you need to do keeps me busy for a little while :P

    Besides that, holiday?

  2. Hah! Yeah, it's a big enough list :P

    Plenty of vacation days, but no real time to take them. Deadlines 'n all.

  3. So by the way, how's Kalec going? Haven't heard about your progress on the server yet :)

  4. We managed to get him to 13% or so.
    So we're fairly close in theory.

    Still, many things can go wrong very fast, like tanks getting 2 shotted. It gets quite frustrating.

  5. Tanks getting 2 shotted? Don't ya tanks have like 22K HP buffed O.o But what do I know, still stuck on RoS =.=;

    But isn't there a "buff" in Sunwell that reduces you tanks dodge chance by 20% or something, so stacking loads of dodge "should" do the trick.


  6. Or drop all dodge and work on parry.
    The demon stuns the tank, then hits for 8k 9k, poof dead. And the dragon has a stacking debuff as well. when his health gets below a certain % his damage goes up as well.

    But anyway, RoS is easy enough, just bring 2 rogues and you're fine. It's phase 2 that's the only difficult part, and it just requires focus.

  7. True, but we only have 1 rogue geared up till RoS, so if we don't get him, eeuh I mean them, tonight I'll throw the 2 rogue's idea in the group.

    And about the demon, wouldn't it be an idea to have 2 tanks go down to the demon and have a tank taunt the demon the moment the MT gets knocked down?


  8. Due to the portal rotations all tanks have to keep switching positions every minute or so. And we obviously can't afford to use 6 tanks.

    For RoS, we use a 1-2 rotation.
    Basically 1 rogue and a warrior kick/pummel whatever at the same time. The rogues are the main interrupt. When team 1 is on cd, team 2 does the interrupt.
    MT announces 5,4,3 seconds until deaden. Then only the rogues interrupt, the warriors hold off until the deaden is done, then they resume assisting the rogues.
    Rogues should use mind numbing on offhand until p3 starts.

    You can have them use a macro, makes it easier for the others to see what they are doing :
    /s Kicked %t
    /cast kick

    Don't bring more than 1-2 holy paladins, stack up 2-3 SP, and a good bunch of shamans for chain healing in phase 3, SS high dps players for that phase, and don't use cooldowns till 60% or so.

    Meh, i'm typing too much.

  9. Thanks for the info

    But WE GOT HIM!!! I mean them but what the hell...

    Everything went smooth, no problems at all, rotations went perfect and everything so on to the next boss.


    Ps. Loots: Crown of Empowered Fate, Pendant of Titans, and some more. But I got my neck so ^_^

  10. Him, her, it, whichever.
    Imagine that eh.

    All good on hearts for mother?

  11. Well... She's scary O.o
    But we are working on some SR gear which shouldn't take very long but until that we don't wanna attempt her to be honest.

  12. neck, cloak, bracers, belt and you're set really. ~223 res

  13. Yea got it all but about 7 of us need some more, so maybe next week or something we'll try

  14. So how does that WowJutsu Insignia and Badges thing work? Been trying to find something but Guild details only show you got 8/19 or something like that and not which you are missing or what the exact requirements are.
    Got a linky? :)

  15. Basically you just got to ensure the person with the item gets recorded by wowjutsu. The badges themselves explain most of the requirements. kill magtheridon twice would mean you need at least 4 T4 chests registered in the guild for example.

  16. For some reason we are missing quite some achievements.. like the Warglaives while we have 3 in the guild and various mount drops.
    Not rly a foolproof system wowjutsu has but i guess we already knew that.

  17. Well, from the looks of it, there's zero glaives registered to your guild on WJ.
    I'd suggest you tell the rogues who own them to log out with them equipped (as if they'd do otherwise) and manually enter them here. They should show up within a day.

  18. Thanks for the tip.. will see if i can get people that crazy :)

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