Damnit, I had a post half finished about the 75 mount collecting achievement, but blogger decided that "everything" typed in the last 2 hours shouldn't be saved after all....

*poof* gone.

Well that sucks.. Seems the update is going to be a bit later then.

*grumble grumble*

I guess I really should work from notepad more often....


Seems it was a blogger glitch. The half finished post is back! So I can get back to work on it.

Stay tuned! :P


  1. I always make my blogposts in Office, save it in the concepts then Cut&Paste.. had too many bad experiences with timd out pages.

  2. "40 For the alliance so far. An advantage of 4 over the horde..."

    Advantage? Mechanostrider are only for gnomes and dwarves!

    So humans, night elves and draeneis, only have 33 mounts.

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