New Mount Achievement

So, you were looking for a gold sink? Ha! Ok, here's one 15k gold for a mount. It carries up to 3-4 people and some vendors aparently. Worth 15K? You decide.

Also interesting are the following achievements:

  • Leading the Cavalry - Obtain 75 mounts. Reward - Albino Drake
  • For The Horde! / Alliance! - Slay the leaders of the other faction. Reward - Black War Bear
  • Glory of the Hero - Complete the Heroic Dungeon achievements Reward - Red Proto-Drake
  • Glory of the Raider - Complete the Normal Difficulty raid achievements Reward - Plagued Proto-Drake
  • Heroic: Glory of the Raider - Complete the Heroic Difficulty raid achievements Reward - Black Proto-Drake
  • What A Long, Strange Trip It's Been - Complete the world events achievements. Reward - Violet Proto-Drake

    You see that first one? "Leading the Cavalry". How would you like to be the first person on your server with that mount? That's impossible right? Maybe not, 75 mounts is quite possible, perhaps not feasible but certainly possible. Once the expansion hits it'll be easier though.

    A word of warning however, this is expensive stuff. Also, if you're a tauren you are at a severe disadvantage. Yeh, go cry in a corner hornboy, you won't be the first on your server with this here dragon. Nothing you can do about it except re-roll.

    Gold sink? Pretty much. Why else would anyone buy a boat load of mounts if you can only use a single one at a time anyway? The new WotLK mounts have a pretty heavy pricetag as well. 15k for the mammoth, 700g for some of the others. Some are free as different achievement rewards though.

    The goal

    So, we need 75 mounts. Crazy I know, but like the mini pets all mounts are being made into "spells" of a sort and they will no longer take up inventory space. They still do right now though. Lets have a look at WarcraftMounts, a site which has a fairly good list of all the mounts currently in the game.

    So, let's make an overview of mounts we can get before WotLK.

    Horde Faction

  • 6 Orgrimmar Wolves. 3x10g + 3x100g = 330g total.
  • 5 Undercity Horses. 3x10 +2x100g = 230g total.
  • 5 Thunderbluff Kodos. 2x10g + 3x100g = 320g total.
  • 6 Darkspear Raptors. 3x10g + 3x100g = 330g total.
  • 7 Silvermoon Hawkstriders. 4x10g + 3x100g = 340g total.
  • 7 Basic Flyers. 3x100g + 4x200g = 1100g total.

    That's 36 so far for the horde. 2650g so far.

    Alliance Faction

  • 7 Human Horses. 4x10g + 3x100g = 340g total.
  • 6 Dwarfen Rams. 3x10g + 3x100g = 330g total.
  • 6 Night Elf Cats. 3x10g + 3x100g = 330g total.
  • 7 Gnomish Mechanostriders. 4x10g + 3x100g = 340g total.
  • 6 Draenei Elekks. 3x10g + 3x100g = 330g total.
  • 7 Standard Gryphons. 3x100g + 4x200g = 1100g total.
  • 1 Winterspring Frost Saber. 100g

    40 For the alliance so far. An advantage of 4 over the horde...
    Also a nice price tag of : 2870g

    Both factions

  • 3 (Weren't there 4?) Arena drakes. Quite unlikely you'll have all 4 colors if any, but still.
  • 2 Halaa Talbuks. Cost tokens.
  • 6 battleground mounts for Horde and Alliance. Cost tokens.
  • 2 Engineer Flying machines. Cost varies.
  • 8 Maghari / Kurenai exalted riding talbuks. 4x70g + 4x100g = 680g
  • 1 CE exalted Hippogrgryph. 2000g
  • 6 Netherwing drakes. Yes you can get all 6. (One free) 5x200g = 1000g
  • 5 Skyguard Nether Rays. 5x200g = 1000g
  • 2 Brewfest mounts. This year the epic kodo and ram drop off a summoned boss in BRD. It's possible to have the rare version of the ram if you got it last year.
  • 5 Trading Card mounts. 2x10g + 2x100g = 220g
  • 8 Dungeon dropped mounts. Stratholme horse, Karazhan horse, The Eye Phoenix, Magister's terrace bird, Raven mount, ZG Raptor, ZG Tiger, ZA Bear.
  • 1 Zhvera mount, recruit a friend reward.


    A blue post sadly informed us the AQ mounts do not count toward the total of this achievement. Not sure about the black one though... But at least the red one has it's own achievement.

    There's also several "retired" mounts, but if you don't already have these, you're fresh out of luck to get them now.

    Paladins, Warlocks and Deathknights get a summoned mount. I'll not add these to the list right now, but keep them in mind.


  • 36 Horde. 2650g.
  • 40 Alliance mounts. 2870g.
  • 50 non faction mounts. 4900g.

    For a grand total of:
  • 84 (7550g) Mounts available to the Horde, and 88 (7770g) available to the Alliance.
    Taurens and most of the Alliance races will be at a disadvantage however.
    Happy farming!

    If you find any errors or miscalculations, just let me know and I'll edit the list accordingly.

    Relevant links

    * Wowwiki mounts info section.
    * Wowwiki mounts category list.
    * Blizzard's official mounts page.
    * A list of mounts and pictures.
    * Wowhead's list of items with a shared cooldown.

    1. Your 6 PVP mounts already included the Alterac Mount.

    2. The kodo mount drops from the BRD event boss for both sides, the Rams are now unobtainable.

    3. Wrong noah.

      Kodo will be available only to horde and ram to alliance.

    4. You're also wrong Temu, both mounts can drop for both factions.

      Both drop from Coren Direbrew in BRD and both can even drop on the same kill!

    5. We've had both drop on the horde side. Will add that to the list tomorrow. (Time for some sleep first)

      Any idea what the drop rate is?

      Also, can't seem to get either of the mounts trough the tickets, unlike last year... :/

    6. Bah.. can only get up to 45 with my current reputation. (and spending quite some gold)
      Ofcourse i got 5 more to obtain through PvP but i rly dread that... the rest will be faction grinds (Already counted drakes and the rays).

      But who knows how many mounts Northrend will hold!

    7. At least 20 or more iirc.
      3-4 magic carpets
      1 engineer hog
      6-7 new protodrakes
      several multipassenger mounts
      Some bears

    8. Winterspring Frost Saber while is obtanable, I doubt few alliance will farm it up just to help with the 75 mounts. The quest requires getting drop items and handing them in at a fairly miserable rate.

      I do hope the finish the hord version of the quest one day. Every one should have access to a quest that makes you want to punch babies after a few days

      --- Kabasue
      /pardon the spelling mistakes

    9. The amount of mounts needed to obtain the achivement has been reduced from 75 to 50, so it'll be alot easier to get now.

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