Short update

3.0.2 is on the PTR. So you're able to test it out.
Release date for WotLK is 13th of November 2008 bytheway. See: WoWHead as well.

The first part of the patch is already active on the background downloader, and measures a hefty ~800MB So, be sure to have your way with the wowwiki Patch mirrors in case the regular downloader isn't behaving the way it should. (As it tends to)

I've been working on the druid this week. Currently at lvl 54 and finishing the last few green quests in Searing Gorge. You can never have enough alts!

That's him right there. Ugly ass armor, so I make sure he's in catform as much as possible.

Still on the planning

Some stuff that may show up on the blog sooner or later, suggestions are always welcome, but these things quite simply don't write themselves.

* Why the 3.0.2 rogue trees suck.
* 1-375(450) Inscription levelling guide.
* Gaming Hardware.

Stay tuned :P


  1. Cowgirl is way cuter! ^^ Thanks for listing the release date for WOTLK!

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