You dummy!

No, I wasn't calling anyone any names, though I might as well be. Blizzard is actually adding dummies to the game. Not a new version of the target dummy, but actual "NPCs" much like you see the orcs beating in Hellfire Citadel.

These have been requested for a long time, but apparently the big blue in france just never saw a need to comply to our wishes in this regard. Until now. According to WoR there'll be some level 80 and boss level dummies for us to test our DPS on. They'll be located in the sewers of Dalaran. Odd place, but these will prove quite useful in testing some item proc chances and personal DPS. It's unlikely they'll be able to help you in your weapon training much in the same way the servants in blasted lands will no longer give you weapon skill.

Hopefully they'll add level 60 dummies in orgrimmar, and level 70 dummies in shattrath as well. But I highly doubt it.


Also interesting, is that we've finally been given slightly more info on the glyph slots. As well as confirmation on the Glyph mastery spell.

  • level 15: Unlocks 1 Major and 1 Minor glyph slot
  • level 30: Unlocks another Minor slot
  • level 45: Unlocks another Major slot
  • level 60: Unlocks 1 Major and 1 Minor slot
  • Glyph Mastery: An "Inscription only" skill which unlocks a 7th slot. Most likely major.

    Since Death Knights start at level 55, they'd have 2 Major and 2 Minor glyph slots.

    1. > but apparently the big blue in france

      Actually Blizzard development center is in the USA. The Europe center is only the EU servers and support center.

    2. How on earth did i get to france then?
      Guess it's because aeus always said he was in france.

    3. EU ftw - lets not talk about those scum across the pond with updates a day before us every time :)

      samownall - Wow Blogger

    4. So can we level up our weapon skills on these dummies instead of having to go all the way to the blasted lands and afk on those invulnerable mobs?

    5. I doubt you'll gain weapon skill off hitting a dummy.
      Blizzard is changing the immune mobs in such a way that you won't gain skill off them anymore, dummies will likely fall in the same category.

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