Midsummer mess up

Last year I posted a guide for the midsummer festival here. It's still there, but there were no achievements then.

Now, there are. And, as it turns out, you need two very annoying achievements in order to complete what most of us started and as good as finished last year.

Torch juggler requires you to buy 40 torches off one of the vendors in your capital cities. Orgrimmar for example. 5 torches cost 5 blossoms. So you need 40 in total for that.

Pole Dancer is a bit more tricky. You need Vestment of summer, Sandals of Summer, Mantle of the fire festival. A grand total of 400 blossoms required!?
Lets calculate that... There are "15" days that the fire festival is active. Only 14 where your blossoms stay active however. The Only way to get more blossoms if you've already ALL the desecrations and honoring the flames last year.... Are "two" daily quests. But, that's not all! Those two daily quests only award 5 blossoms each. Meaning, 10 blossoms per day, for 14 days long = "at most" 140 blossoms.

The only salvation is that the torches aren't soulbound, so you can grab those with an alt and save your main 40 blossoms.

So, bear with me here, but... if you need 100+100+200 = 400 blossoms for the outfits.
And you can get 10*14 = 140 blossoms at most. Then, no matter what you do this year you will be 260 blossoms short of being able to complete the achievement.

Blizzard messed up.

Lets all cry on the forums and let them know, or something.
Obviously the "honor the flame" quests should have reset this year, but for whatever reason it seems they did not.

Small update

Looks like there's 120 blossoms to be had in Northrend (Credit to Morendhil at wowhead)

Honoring your own faction's fire gives +5, the opposing faction gives +10.
Thus 8x5 + 8x10 = 120 total. Sadly, that means we are still 120 short of completing the achievements.

Dragonblight H: Agmar's Hammer 39,48
Dragonblight A: Wintergarde Keep 75,44
Borean Tundra H: Bor'gorok Outpost 51,12
Borean Tundra A: Fizzcrank Airstrip 55,20
Sholazar Basin H: River's Heart 47,62
Sholazar Basin A: River's Heart 48,66
Storm Peaks H: K3 40,86
Storm Peaks A: K3 42,87
Zul'Drak H: Argent Stand 43,71
Zul'Drak A: Argent Stand 41,61
Grizzly Hills H: Conquest Hold 19,62
Grizzly Hills A: Amberpine Lodge 34,61
Howling Fjord H: Camp Winterhoof 48,13
Howling Fjord A: Fort Wildervar 58,16
Crystalsong Forest H: Sunreaver's Command 80,53
Crystalsong Forest A: Windrunner's Overlook 78,75

Note on buying the garments

Keep in mind that as of 3.1.2 or thereabouts, you can sell back items to vendors for 30 minutes and get a full refund. Thus "once" the issue is fixed, and you got your 400 blossoms, you can buy the garments and do the pole dance then sell back the garments to get your blossoms back. After this you can buy the spirit and anything else you wish to spend the tokens on.

ETA on Fix

There is no ETA, however the bug has been acknowledged and will be fixed asap.
Info thanks to Grimlor from MMOC.

Also for now, the new BC faction cities: Silvermoon and the Draenei Landing have "apparently" reset. Which makes an additional +15 blossoms.

Update2: It's been Hotfixed! However as a result, anyone who was halfway done with the achievements will have to do them again, from scratch. Ick. Not a very clean fix, but at least we can get the marks now.


  1. theres also a daily to kill Ahune that rewards 10 blossoms if i recall

  2. summon quest is daily. The quest item he drops is sadly, not. :/

    And indeed, the daily does not award blossoms.

  3. Actually, the achievement itself can be done with 10 torches. You don't have to buy 40, you just have to CATCH 40. ;)

  4. Forgot to mention that the previous comment is obviously for the Torch Juggler achievement.

    Also, at this time, the mantle of the fire festival can be sold back to vendors within the time limit for blossoms, but the vestments/slippers cannot.

  5. Just did the torch juggling with 20. Had plenty on alt anyway :P

    Odd thing about the vestments and slippers.
    I haven't gotten around to testing it yet obviously >_>

  6. I had the shoes from last year so only needed the shoulders and chest piece - the vendor bought back the shoulders, but sadly, the merchant did not want the chest piece back.

  7. Hey...

    If you travel around hole azeroth and do all of the fire achievements, you will get more then enough blossoms to get the achievment with the dance pole

  8. OMG, fo' realz?
    I'd never have guessed there were such holes in azeroth!

  9. You only need 10 torches for Torch juggler

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