Friday, June 26, 2009

June 26, 2009
One gem no more It's all over the news, BBC, NBC, CNN, your local radio, the lot. If you haven't heard of it yet, you might want to consider coming from under your rock. This morning, Michael Joseph Jackson (August 29, 1958) has died from an overdose. He was 50 years old.
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I'll not bore you with the obscure and not so pretty details of his past, the many facial surgeries, his troubled youth, or his recent financial issues. I'm sure you've read or heard all about it on other sites by now. Just let me say this. The man was EPIC. (Legendary even) Today's blog post is dedicated to his memory. Never forget. Epic gems in 3.2 As you may have already learned, patch 3.2 will bring everyone epic gems, readily available. Rare gems give +16 stats, Epic gems provide you with +20. The new gems are: * Purple: Dreadstone * Blue: Majestic Zircon * Green: Eye of Zul * Yellow: King's Amber * Orange: Ametrine * Red: Cardinal Ruby Gem sources: * Transmutation. As above. * Honor points. 10.000 honor per uncut gem. * Prospecting Titanium Ore. Pretty random, low chance. * Badges. 15 badges give one uncut gem. Patterns to cut the gems into a usable form cost 5 Jewelcrafter's tokens each. Or, a bunch of honor, or stonekeeper's shards for the PvP equivalents. So, what does this mean for your profession bonuses? I mean, blacksmithing has two sockets right? So, they'd be getting 2x +20 stats. Well, Blizzard has come up with a solution to that "issue" by giving all the other professions a slight boost in their special perks as well. As was described a few days back. As it turns out however, Jewelcrafting is stil set to remain Unique(3), and the dragon's eyes will give no less than 14 stats more than epic gems. This means, indeed, that Jewelcrafters will be receiving +42 stats in total. Compared to most / all other professions who will be receiving +40 to all stats, that's a whole "2" stats more! Now, you and me will recall that Blizzard nerfed Jewelcrafting because "too many people were using it", simply because it was the most rewarding profession out there. And it seems, this will still remain the case. Of course, it would EASILY be fixed by simply changing the Dragon's Eyes to be either Unique(2) or Unique(4), and have them in turn provide 40 or 30 stats total. You'd end up with a neat and perfectly balanced +40 stats for the profession perk. Just like all other professions. Who knows how Blizzard thinks though, but some of the developers need to get a checkup. Idiots. And then I haven't even started on the ridiculously (underpowered) benefit of having Engineering instead of any of the other primary professions...


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"developers need a checkup" hah. agreed.