Sunday, September 20, 2009

September 20, 2009
Brewfest started this sunday. And with that has arrived the "nearly" one year anniversary of the achievement system. Some crazy no-lifes have already gotten over 10.000 points farmed. Crazy. Brewfest and more importantly the Brew Master achievement. Which should be the last most people need to complete this achievement and obtain the 310% speed Violet Protodrake. The same speed as birdy and metal birdy, all the pvp arena flyers, and even the Yogg+0 reward: Mimiron's head are. While most of those 310% mounts require either some effort, or a crazy amount of luck to obtain, the violet proto drake is just the result of dutifully doing all the World events and festivals. Which, a lot of people did. That violet drake is a HORRIBLE color, but an important (useful) thing to remember is that blizzard "may be" intending to allow a few things to be linked to the achievement of getting a 310% mount. Such as allowing some crafters to create more 310% speed mounts - flying carapets, copters etc - and any owner of said achievement would (in the next expansion) be able to use any of their flying mounts and enjoy 310% speed. A good reason to put a little effort in trying to get one at least. It's only 30% faster than the regular 280% one, but combined with the multiplying talents (15% or 30%) that adds up. Faster flight means faster farming, faster questing, more profit! I still want that Remote T_T It's the only item from mr.direbrew that's any use. The rest are (cute for alts) ilvl 200 trinkets that you wouldn't use for much. Update: Got it :) The teleporter would come in handy in the expansion, when Blackrock Deeps / caverns, and the new raid "above" BWL are added. Would save so much flight time.


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Very thoughtfull post on achivement. It should be very much helpfull

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Nice Drake :-)