Sunday, September 27, 2009

September 27, 2009
It's been a busy weekend. Update: * I'm going to kill my neighbor, and I'm working on a good murder plan. * The police are generally retarded, unhelpful, and useless for anything other than making your life harder. They sure as heck are proving to be unwilling to help in any domestic disputes. Hence I'm going to kill my neighbor. Or at least make the bitch suffer. Then kill her after. * Also looking for a new house so I don't have to look at the red bloodstains on my roof all day. * Remind me to delete those previous lines so I don't leave evidence of that fact. * Cooked and cleaned, installed heat reflective insulation material of some sort behind one of the radiators here, three to go. I cut it to size and placed books on it so it flattens first.. That first batch was a horror to install. * Killed a plant, possibly by drowning it with water.... * Got "brewmaster" completed today, and "what a strange long trip it's been". Up to 7075 achievement points or so. Haven't really been making an effort on that though. Yeah that damn mount is pink, of all things. * Alt paladin dinged 80 at last. Making the total tally 3x80 and 5x70, all of them with epic flying skill. No shortage on gold here. * Got another tinfoil piece, just two to go then all the F-ranks are done. * Armor games slacks on updates. * MSN messenger is STILL acting weird. * Cleaned out my old Old OLD pc that I'm using as a lamp stand (p2 350 with 6gb hd) and found out it still has some 35 MB of data that I'd like to save somehow. However..... It can't access internet, It won't recognize USB sticks, doesn't have a CD burner, and it freezes up every 10 or so minutes. Still trying to work out how to get it off in an efficient way that doesn't involve chopping the data into 1.44MB floppies. So I can turn the thing into an aquarium afterwards. And, well,,,, OMG it's sunday evening already o_O


Hulan said...

Regarding the old data - can you hook the old hard drive up directly to the new PC and just copy it across?

bbr said...

Afraid not. The old pc, is in fact old. It's still using IDE controllers for the HD.

While the new one is using SATA :l

Kasjan said...

can you plug dvd burner from current pc or make shared network with phone cable?

if its win98 instaled on it
you can try install
it will add support for usb sticks to system

Unknown said...

So what's the neighbour doing that you actually had coppers over to try solve the domestic disturbance?

bbr said...

The bitch has a tendency to wake at 3 am, 4 am, 5 am and start jumping around on high heels. She's also come to the amazingly bright idea once to start vacuum cleaning her whole house at around 2 am once... (o)_(o)
She's been talked to by 3 neighbors including myself that such behavior is unacceptable when you're living in a block building.. but to no avail, and the cops don't seem to think it's a problem either. Go figure.
Murder seems to be the only viable option left.....

And, going to borrow a laptop sometime to see whether I can cross plug that one. Here's to hoping.

Unknown said...

So when does your neighbour sleep then? I'd go raid some instance at that time and turn up the volume ;)

PS: Awaiting your ideas and post on ICC news!

bbr said...

Quite variable times.
Bet she'd love this track clicky

icc, ah icecrown.

Linux Learner said...

If the old PC has a CD reader, DL & burn a linux live CD ISO, & use that to boot. Given its age, I'd suggest one of the lightweight distros, e.g. Damn Small Linux, Wolvix, SliTaz, Puppy Linux, or maybe KNOPPIX. is a great portal to start looking.

Given your old PC's age and (likely) minimal RAM, you will want to avoid Ubuntu and derived distros for this purpose. I think you might do best with Puppy, and probably one of the older versions. It should boot your computer, attach it to your network, and mount your old HD, allowing you to do whatever file management you need.