Sunday, November 08, 2009

November 08, 2009
Two more weeks until pilgrim's bounty starts. Are you prepared yet? And, in the theme of all good things, be sure to get this one for the fun of it. For myself (and oh hey, there's a list of all alts n such) I started working on getting all those alts up to par for cooking. In my case, that means I'm currently working on the lower three to get on par with the fourth, and then to get all four of those up to 385. In short, I need lots and lots of meat and fish! * level Name cur Max Needs * 80: Zurgat 450 450 x * 80: Belzur 385 450 Great feasts * 70: Elrath 385 450 Great feasts * 70: Targash 385 450 Great feasts * 70: Neruhe 385 450 Great feasts * 71: Arthul 285 300 raw whitescale salmon / darkclaw lobster / large raw mightfish * 80: Tikasar 125 225 raw sagefish * 72: Geshrat 114 150 boar ribs / crawler meat / raw sagefish * 20: Nefaria 130 225 boar ribs / crawler meat / raw sagefish Guess I'll be leveling my fishing skill, or looking for cheap stacks of fish on the AH. Though cooking skill has at least some use, I've only raised fishing on one character. Blizzard really should add "something" to that profession to make it worth raising imo. It was worth a try Random "where did you get that mount" whisper #236 After a while it gets old, really. Actually, it got old after the first 3-4, but after a dozen and some you start making up stuff on where to get it. Some fall for it, some don't. Today, I figured I'd try out the ole engineering. * [19:31:53][W From] [Himagain]: were did you found your mount? * [19:32:08][W To] [Himagain]: [Practice Lock] * [19:32:18][W To] [Himagain]: wanna buy some? * [19:32:19][W From] [Himagain]: cool * [19:32:31][W From] [80:Himagain]: there in you found your mount? * [19:32:37][W To] [80:Himagain]: Yep, totally. * [19:32:40][W To] [80:Himagain]: Get em all the time really. * [19:32:46][W From] [80:Himagain]: owmuch? * [19:33:02][W To] [80:Himagain]: 10g per box? * [19:33:06][W From] [80:Himagain]: no Also Interesting You might like this Elona Shooter. At first glance it's "yet another" one of those side shooter, defend the whatever last stand till your mouse breaks games. But, this one's got a bit more depth than the usual muck among those. Just, give it a try I guess. If you don't like it, too bad :P I've spent a good few hours on getting a bunch of those trophies so far. Don't bother trying to get ragnarock until you've reached level 50 or whatever, and at the least have a chalice ready. Oh, and aim for the head. Gives bonus damage. Poll end The previous question: Are you sick of badges yet? * Yes.. ugh.. - 29 (63%) * No, gimme more! - 17 (36%) Closed up, and opening a new question: * Did you check out the Icecrown Citadel Spoilers yet? And Finally In three days we should get the onyxia whelpling in the mail for the WoW 5th anniversary. It's also the last day you can log in normally, after that you'll need to merge with your account to be able to play WoW.