Thursday, February 04, 2010

February 04, 2010
And most certainly not dead.
I should really be posting at least once a week, and had that as a habbit for a while.

Currently on 6 level 80 characters, farming some Jewelcrafting recipes, and Leatherworking recipes. Going to raise my warlock (lv70 atm) to lvl 80 next! So, More on that later. Ackis recipe list is being very very helpful.

The 25 man raid killed professor, working on the blood queen, and the dreamwalker.
Interesting fights, that, have a tendency to wipe the raid a lot xD

S18. Level 155 on BvS. Need 3 more lost weapons.

Project Wonderful changed their ad program, and imo, it's pretty poorly done now...
I'll send them an angry mail about that later I guess.

Short post, I know.
Got a new job though :P