Sunday, February 21, 2010

February 21, 2010
Sure, I'm on like, around 8000 achievement points now, but whatever. There's people with over 10K, even one or two over 16K. Silly numbers. And for what? Achievement points don't do anything at all. Just E-Peen. Sure there's the occasional one among them that gives you a title, pet or mount, but those are separate from the whole achievement "point" system. Which is mostly a waste of time. So, in the hopes of blizzard ever adding in account-wide achievements, I've started on a different kind of feat. To get a shit ton of crafting recipes! I've already mentioned before that I was working on cooking on all my alts. Well, I figured I'd take it a step further and get their primary professions "completed" a bit as well. In the meantime, while they're now all 445+ in their professions, I've started gathering the recipes that are attached to those. Digging around BRD, UBRS, LBRS, Scholo, Winterspring, getting various reputations up, (ugh furbolgs again...) and farming random mobs in the hopes a specific BoP recipe will drop. It's a daunting task for sure! But anyhow, the stats for now: * Enchanting - Zurgat: 274/296 - 92.6% complete. * Engineering - Zurgat: 240/275 - 87.3% complete. * Cooking - Zurgat: 169/169 - 100% complete. * Blacksmithing - Geshrat: 281/464 - 60.6% complete. * Leatherworking - Targash: 332/517 - 64.2% complete. * Inscription - Arthul: 405/440 - 92% complete. * Jewelcrafting - Arthul: 264/554 - 47.7% complete. * Tailoring - Elrath: 285/401 - 71.7% complete. * Alchemy - Neruhe: 185/248 - 74.6% complete. * Fishing: What? This is all done on six level 80 chars, and two level 70 chars. Using the ARL (Acki's recipe list) addon to show how my progress is for each character. (No I'm not so crazy to do this on one character.... sheesh) But really, it's just another excuse for me to troll about in BRD. Also, while individually it's not all that much, your main char probably has a lot more recipes right? In total, that's a LOT of recipes however. Especially leatherworking and jewelcrafting are rather silly... Cataclysm is underway, slowly. Hopefully those rumored account-wide achievements will include silly ones for all the other professions, much like cooking already has. (collect 160 cooking recipes) Patch 3.3.3 Speaking of professions, the next patch seems to hold a few changed for us. Such as: * Transmutation cooldowns removed on Titansteel, and the cloths: Ebonweave, Moonshroud and Spellweave. * Various ilvl 226 craftables (ulduar recipes) have gotten their material cost lowered. Also, this contains some data for the new instance: "Ruby Sanctum". No no, don't go crazy yet, that instance will be available in 3.3.4 or 3.3.5 at the earliest. But there's a loading screen and map at least.