Sunday, March 21, 2010

March 21, 2010
And another character up to 80. Does it ever stop?! No, but anyway, I got the warlock up to 80 now. So that makes 7 in total. Why? Because I can. Or rather, the altitis itch was getting the better of me again. It's like, the char needed to be level 80 to get certain patterns, and it'd speed up farming for the older patterns. So eventually the itch got the better of me and I figured heck, onward to 80! Next on the line is my level 70 shaman probably. A few hierlooms here n there and he shouldn't take too long. Alternatively is the level 20 priest, but her way is a long longer before 80. Ah well, the list of patterns is still building up nicely. * Tailoring - Elrath: 294/401 Pugs And in the badge-runs you get to do after you meet such interesting... (idiots)... people. From paladins who're using their off-spec for the very first time, and thus "forgot" to put higher rank spells on their button bar, to druids who "tank" trash using mostly lacerate AND use growl to pull AND don't bother with Faery fire because his lacerate ignores armor anyway... Now I'm asking you... WHY? And then there's the usual tank who leaves after the first boss in Pit of Saron (normal), and then we spend 10 minutes waiting for a replacement. Now, I can understand to some degree why they do "that", and admittedly I've done it on my druid when I wanted the ring and belt (Though I gave up on that as they never dropped in a dozen runs). It's still pretty annoying for the people who sat in queue waiting for 15 minutes for the group even to be formed, while the tank jumps in without a queue, kills one boss, and then repeats the process. Off-spec bug Anyway, as for the off-spec spell thing. If you reach the proper level, and activate dual spec for 1000g it copies your interface at that time. If you switch back at around 60 or 70 to add a few spells to the list, and then completely forget you had said dual spec until level 80 or so.... In theory you should then have a mainspec with all the highest level spells on your button bar. Your "dual/alternative" spec will however still mostly have the same spells as you had at the time you bought the option. Now, since a lot of people level their character as DPS, they'll likely have their basic buttons set up from way back when. If you run a certain addon called RankWatch (GET IT!) you'll notice some frightening things about most of your healers and or tanks. Initially you might have thought they were simply bad players, or badly geared. But in reality a lot of pug players simply forgot to update the spells on their hotbar. And thanks to this addon, you can let them know! And even automatically spam them in whispers. Don't miss out, you'll save yourself and others a lot of repairs due to bad heals or poor aoe threat tanks. Some time in Cataclysm blizzard is planning to completely remove spell ranks, so the issue will automatically be fixed. But until then... Before I forget The awesome comic Treading Ground is updating again! I was somewhat pessimistic about it starting up again, but last week I did a quick check, and 'lo and behold, it was updating. Go check it out! And, Oglaf is as always still funny. (And only suitable for 18+, be warned) Also, some other good classics for you to enjoy. Check this little game out as well. It's a masterpiece in it's own right.


Mark said...

Are you "alt'ing" because you need the patterns or is it really that you are bored running and rerunning the same randoms over and over again?

bbr said...

More of the second than the first.
It's nice having the ability to craft stuff you need whenever you need it. Without having to poke others to do it for you and call in favors.

Plus it's good to change the scenery so and then to keep the game interesting.