Wednesday, February 09, 2011

February 09, 2011
OK so, yay we get a patch. Bunch of fixes, bunch more things got broken. I'll add to this list as I run into things. Newly Broken * Stealth looks different. It's like I'm moonwalking in slow motion now, it sucks. Other changes * Open GM ticket, 2 Days 10 Hr remaining. LOL! * Blade flurry is a toggle, that is kind of nice at least. * Archaeology junk is now worth more cash. Not like we need more money, but still. Other interesting... Ah yes, if you are a hunter and used to have Ancient Sinew Wrapped Lamina, then you should probably make a GM ticket to try and get it back. "If" for whatever reason the GM tells you they won't restore it, then make ANOTHER ticket because they totally WILL restore it. They did for me, so no reason they won't do it for you as well.


Imwarrior said...

I hate patch 4-0-6!!! OMG!