Saturday, February 05, 2011

February 05, 2011
Indeed, a play on words. So, aside wow theres dozens of games you may run into on the internet. One particular type that keeps tempting me and then just crash kill and delete is the "build stuff in your browser" sort. You know, travian, freesky, those sort. I started Batheo a week or two ago, and at first it's quick and fast, new buildings take a minute or so to complete. And then... you get hit by the first signs of "pay now or you wont be able to compete". As with all, and I mean ALL of those type of games you can simply NOT compete with players who steal their parents credit card. Faster build time, helper interface, free money, extra loot, more armies, and so on and so forth. This batheo game is particularly evil in that regard. But yeah, you start with a 1 minute cooldown on buildings, soon it turns 10 minutes, and more, and more. I just hit level 30 on my main building, it would take 7 hours to upgrade it to 31. And there are MANY more buildings that would need upgrading. You just wait, and wait, and click once or twice, then go back to waiting. I don't know why I bother trying for more than a few minutes when I realize what kind of game it is. Either way, I highly discourage playing such games. They completely rely on idiots paying for them. And there is NO WAY you can compete with other players unless you do. Pretty much ruins the whole point of playing the game. It's not the size of another player's wallet that I wish to play against after all. I just deleted the links to the game site. Edited my password to a random garbling of characters, and logged out. It's the best way to stop straight away really. Good riddance. Back to more wow Currently got two characters up to 85, and working on a third. Professions are a bit slower but the obvious (mining and herbalism) are capped, as is Archaeology, cooking and fishing. I do say, Arch is still the most painfully boring one to raise. Whoever thought that one up needs to get fired real quick. And now they're nerfing the skillups in such a way that it'll take you half the time to raise that it did before. So much for that... The joy of being one of the first to raise that skill quickly fades with the rising jealousy at the speed of which players can raise the skill now... T_T Easy money The Auction house is a well known place to get yourself some easy cash. Even more so now in Cataclysm. Buy Zephyrites, Nightstones and Jaspers when they are 10-15 gold, and then put them on the AH when the daily JC quest that needs those is active. People will gladly pay 30-40g per gem. That's about 300% profit right there. You'll be hated by just about every JC on the server, but you'll be a rich (wo)man.