Sunday, September 25, 2011

September 25, 2011
I just updated version 1.0.3 of the Dragon Tavern Logger. If you have no idea what it is - which is more than likely - then I would refer you to the DT Forum for the latest info and download link. What the crap is this Dragon Tavern? See a post from 2-3 years ago here. It's nice and slow, just log in once a week and your character will slowly evolve and be able to compete with others. A good thing to play around with during raids. If one character takes too long for you, just make up to 20 total. The Logger is mostly a little project I made out of personal frustration, to analyze the game, log some data as you explore and play, and save myself the trouble of keeping a google spreadsheet up to date. I figured others might enjoy the functionality so far (especially the inventory cleanup feature) and would care to try it out. It's free, so don't hesitate to give it a whirl. v1.0.3 can be downloaded through: Hotfile. Updates in v1.0.3: * Fixed browser window losing focus after closing the Inventory list dialog, or pressing certain action buttons. It should be a bit less "strange" to use now. * Disabled buttons when logged out or timed out. * More button icons added. * Buttons are now double buffered - which stops the strange icon fade-in / fade-out after selection on Vista and Windows 7. * Added several button tooltips. * Menubar added, to fit in a lot more actions and shortcuts for the future. * Hotkeys dialog added. It shows you all the known DT hotkeys and how to enable them. * Page source dialog: Added select all ability (Ctrl+A), as well as Escape button to close. * Dialog creation changed to runtime rather than global. (You shouldn't notice much other than a slightly smaller memory footprint) * Subdialog default positions changed to "Owner Form Center". So, no more random positions on those. * We are now hiding several "strange" urls like google syndication, facebook, blanc, javascript e.a. that were reported earlier. Remember this is a Dragon Tavern logger, so while other webpages might work - it is not the main focus of this application. As a result of hiding these urls, the buttons and menu actions should be enabled/disabled in a more reliable & predictable manner. * Disabled "Return to tavern", if you are in the tavern. It isn't going to do you much good to go where you already are. * Added the list of monsters found in the tavern. * Now keeping track of the latest version of the application you started. So we can show a changelog on startup later. Inventory dialog: * Added "select common" button. * Changed select weight in to work as "this weight and greater". * OK button renamed to: "Portal It!" * Turned warning text red. Updates in v1.0.2: * Added application icon Main screen: * Button tab order improved. * Added "about" dialog. (Questionmark button topright) * Added some icons. It's not much, but looks better at least. * Page source button. Mostly for debugging purposes. * Inventory list button now has a better placement among it's fellows. * Inventory list button is now disabled properly. * Inventory list button can now be pressed even when you are not on your inventory page. It will try to load your inventory, "and then" open the dialog. Inventory dialog: * Button tab order improved. * Added 5 new buttons : Select all by weight: 10, 11, 12, 13, unselect all. * It will now tell you how many items you have selected. * Implemented number of cube charges available. * Show a warning if you select more items than the available cube charges. * No longer tries to recycle selected items if you do not have a cube. * Will not show certain buttons if you do not have a cube. Further updates Planned updated in the future should include better sorting, more analysis options of the data you have collected and more options to customize the interface.