Sunday, September 11, 2011

September 11, 2011
Let's try something different.
How about some music?

Do you know Pong?
And not just "know of it" but actually KNOW pong, used to own the original Atari thing, with specialized controllers? Yeah, I'm that old I guess. But age aside it is more than a little amusing that such an old game still holds a place in people's hearts today. And, not just that - it actually makes a pretty amusing (and difficult) game at that. I present you with Pwong 2, go on try it. See if it surprises you in how bloody well difficult it is. I love it. and it has some great music as well ! Popcorn remix-EON

And, this one is for our English friends near London ;) Riot! Just because you can!

Now, since we're on the subject of the big green island anyhow, Scotland is pretty much the logical next step, right? Bagpipes! Oh yeah, but not the old ugly classic sound used to scare armies on the battlefield. No, bagpipes mixed with dance / trance / something... I don't know what to call it really, but it sounds good.

In order to keep this post "slightly" on topic of World of Warcraft, let's include the night elf dance with... Alizee - remixed of course ;) No offense to the girl, but compared to the remix the rest of her songs are just... not that interesting to listen to.

As well as one we Dutch know as "Hakkuhhhhhh"! Scooter - Kondor.

If that's not quite your thing, try the more throaty / metal approach. Stone Sour - Inhale

Too slow?
Ok, how about something a little faster then: DJ Paul Elstak - Rainbow in the sky. In terms of music I guess it's a bit dated, but still, one has to appreciate the classics.

Speaking of classics, I could listen to this one again and again:

Ahh, sweet memories.
Music by: Chris Huelsbeck - Visit his site!