Sunday, November 10, 2013

November 10, 2013
I just uninstalled WoW.

Quite surprised I still had it on my HD, but I was cleaning up and found an extra 25 GB of data now :)

Backed up the WTF, Screenshots and Interface folder, then performed the deletion. Seems I got space for other things again now (*cough*), you know, movies.

Blizzcon was recently up, and you'll be able to find most info about the announcements on MMOC.
* New expansion will be called Warlords of Draenor
* New character models ARE coming (and looking good, except for tauren)
* Level cap 100
* Few to no daily quests. - wtf?
* A WoW movie is in fact coming - no high hopes on it being good yet.


Getting a Wii soon. I've been postponing that, since, well, I've always held up the thought that a PC can do anything a Console can and then some. But my GF came home one day very enthusiastic about "a few games", then you know it's a good idea to get one :p

It's a fun machine to play Bomberman on with a few coworkers as well. *cackle*


Meanwhile, I've been collecting some steam cards - I must say Humble Bundle is insanely nice. 1$ for 4-5 games. So and then you can pick up a few for free because other people already got a bunch of them. Let's just say my collection has been growing rapidly of late!

Some recomendations:
* FEZ, It's 2D, it's 3D, you won't know till you play it. Very well done.
* Bastion, hack n slash :P  Always a favorite genre.
* Batman, Arkham Asylum - they said it was good, and it IS good!

I'll go ahead and try some more later,. it seems the F2P genre is growing steadily on Steam as well - a very nice thing I must say. Let's hope WoW will be on there eventually. Or at least UO, just for kicks.

Also, Path of Exile as mentioned in the previous post, is now on Steam as well!