Sunday, April 20, 2014

April 20, 2014
Ever wondered where MMO's started out from? Well, wonder no more! It started from some multi-player chat room, completely unrelated to Ultima, Wow, Everquest or most other games, it got followed up by some few 2D flat ugly shit you don't want to get close to in this lifetime, but eventually... You'll get to Ultima Online. Now, don't bother with the current version that EA (Electronic Arrrrrse) wants you to install and pay money for, but rather look around for a Free 2 Play version. Because face it, why would you pay money for an inferior version, with bad support, a dying community, and features that most active players are asking for should be reverted and removed because it no longer feels like the UO they enjoyed playing.

So, what should you try? Well I'm just glad that you ask. UO:F, or simply Ultima Online Forever. Would you care for a summarized featurelist perhaps? I'm sure you won't mind. If you don't care, just skip to the next chapter.


* Player Housing. Yup, even you can have your very own little private piece of the server, no charge. You'll still have to earn enough gold to pay for it, but it'll be yours forever. Even a castle perhaps?
* Very balanced Non Consentual PvP System. You caught a guy stealing your lemons? Take off his head! Don't like the name of the new neighbour? Take off his head! Some miner calling you a retard? Take off his head! New guy running around in shiny armor? Take off his head and claim the armor!
* Extensive community based crafting system. The NPCs will sell you some basic leather and weapons, but for the big stuff you'll want to go to your local crafter, or just kill someone for his armor.
* Make your own character class. No restrictions! (other than a 700 skill point total roof) Bard with thieving skills, Swordfighter with alchemy and lumberjacking, mage with animal taming, healer with fishing and cartography, anything is possible!
* Bounty system. Obviously players killing others does not go completely unpunished, after 5 kills your name turns RED and you are free to be attacked without penalty by others. You can hunt red heads for a bounty and turn those in for gold. (even bargain with the original owner) And stealing from another player (hide, stealth, peek in pack, take what you want) will allow you to be attacked. But a good thief always knows how to get away ;)
* No instances! Anyone joins everyone. Enter a dungeon and you may find somebody there farming in your favorite spot. Team up, or kill him while he's busy with a monster. Just watch your back, next time he may return the favor.
* It's FREE. Granted, EA would like you to think otherwise, but you can play the game now and not play a single penny for it. Even the creator of the game, namely Sir Richard Garriott de Cayeux has paid the game a visit. While EA removes any references of UOF from it's facebook page on a regular basis.
* Animal Taming. No pokemon shit here, you get to tame your very own dragon and have it bite other players and animals. You got to feed it pigs on a regular basis though. Alternatively, a free horse, nightmare, giant beetle, polar bear, walrus, chicken, dog, cat, wyvern, the list goes on.
* More skills than you'll ever use. Fishing, Cartography, Lockpicking, Wrestling, Blacksmithing, Tailoring, Herding, Begging, Arms Lore, Sword fighting, Healing, Parrying, Alchemy, Mining, Spirit Speaking, Meditation, the list goes on for a while really.

As they say, it's free, so what do you have to lose?