Sunday, June 01, 2014

June 01, 2014
Today marks the end of the Steam Free weekend for RPG Maker VX Ace.

If you haven't already given it a try - now's your chance! But, even if tomorrow comes along the guys and girls over at Humble Bundle have a once in a lifetime deal for you that's even better! In this the bundle for this week, you can get RPGMaker VX Ace for only 1$ - the software is normally sold for 69.99$. Plus, the bundle includes some art, and a few games as well. Aside that RPGMaker has 3 steam card drops, which you can sell for about 0.30$ - so the actual price of the bundle is about 0.70$ - this is a steal. If you haven't already done so - I highly recommend getting it for yourself, and maybe a few friends as well.

Among the games you get in the bundle is Skyborn with art from Britt aka Saehral. Worth 1$ on it's own easily.

So, if you've got yourself RPG Maker, and now you need help figuring out how to actually "make" that RPG you always dreamed of playing. Well, I'm working on a quickstart guide, and will share it with you here obviously. But, it takes time to write and fix up. Meanwhile I've got a decent start available on the MMOC forums where you can join in on the discussion.