Thursday, November 19, 2015

November 19, 2015
Every so often you check through your giant list of bookmarked webcomics, in the hope that one you hadn't checked in a while has done another update or so.

Webcomic creators are people like you and me, they get bored with doing the same thing, take a short break, have a vacation, get married, check back on their hobbies so n then. Invariably some webcomics go through a number of phases:

- Startup
- Grow bigger
- Start selling merchandise
- Slow down on updates / replace content with fillers
- Stop updating
- The comeback
- A sprint of updates
- Slow down on updates again
- Stop posting mysteriously
- 404

The life and death of webcomics is undoubtedly well documented somewhere on google,. I just don't think looking up a comparison right now will do anyone any good.

Anyhow, I did the above, still alive, wife good n happy, her family staying another month and or two. We got the new gen 4 apple TV a week back, and it's been claimed and running pinoy love stories all day.

Grand day, big party, lotsa pictures, I'm sure less than 5% of the readers here will really care too much,. though a congrats comment wouldn't hurt if you feel like it. ;)

Anyway, back to the webcomics

I just checked - and found it dead. It wasn't really updating much in the last year or... 5,. but it was always nice to know it was "there" and people were commenting on the message board. Alas, no more. It's showing a smackjeeves page now.

Aikida, is now redirecting to what I can only guess is the owner's youtube page.
Paradox lost, hasnt updated in ages, was showing just a filler for most of the time after,. but now it's gone. RIP.

Lowroad75, hasn't updated in 5 years, but at least the page is still up.
That's the good thing about using a comic host, rather than your own website really.
Sure, there's a certain prestige in having your very own web comic website, and url to go with it. But you can't really beat hosts like comicgenesis, keenspot, drunk duck or smackjeeves for the sheer fact that your comic will always be available for your readers without having to spend a single penny. Even if you go off the radar for a while, or *knock on wood* get hit by a truck and pass away.
Your comic will live on for future generations.
Speaking of which, is drunk duck down for everyone or just me?

Shadow girls, also gone. Though that one was somewhat expected as the owner went on hiatus ages back. Still, it was a great read.
And then there's a good number I've already deleted from my bookmarks a few weeks back,. try a few times, then delete. It's a shame really, but we can always hope the comic lives on somewhere in a dusty corner of googles cache servers.

Webcomics that will never die

And here's to hoping my saying so will not suddenly kill them off...
There's a few webcomics I've been following for many years, and they're always there, still updating, still active. It gives a sense of comfort to know they'll be there probably next year, and the years after. I'll be quite surprised if any of the more comic savvy fellows among you readers haven't already heard of these, but let's give them some extra traffic regardless, in alphabetical order. Also, some of these will be NSFW,. just so you know:

- Atland - It's back and updating again after a long hiatus.
- Bear Nuts
- Ctrl Alt Del - Many hate Tim, but he does not stop!
- Commissioned
- Dr.Mc.Ninja
- Dresden Codak
- Earthsong
- Exiern
- Flaky Pastry
- Flipside
- False Positive - (not that old yet, but read it now!)
- Grim Tales from down below
- Goblins
- Girl Genius
- Las Lindas
- Least I could do
- Looking for group
- Menage a trois
- Nerf now
- The Noob - (very slow updates since a while now)
- Oglaf - (also not that old, but must read!)
- Pewfell
- Raven's dojo
- Sinfest
- Sequential Art
- Slimy thief
- Tales of Pylea
- Three panel soul
- Two kinds
- User friendly
- VG Cats
- Wapsi square
- Zebra girl

There, that should keep you busy for the rest of the week at least ;)