Saturday, February 27, 2016

February 27, 2016
So I've been using Humble Bundle a while, and Steam Gifts,. so 1+1=10 and some of you will wonder how that maths out.

So, I'd like to give away some games and perhaps you'd like to receive some games? I figure you would. I've still got "Life Is Strange™ - Episode 1", "The Last Remnand" and "Murdered: Soul Suspect" sitting around, so we'll see when those go up for grabs. Keep an eye on the blog at any rate in case you want to stand a decent chance.

What are the requirements? (There are always some, right?)
Well, firstly you'll need an account on Steam Gifts, since they handle the random distribution of the key. That'll save me the "omg unfair" calls and random generators that aren't really random.

Secondly,. you'll need to be level 1, which means having given away a few games at some point in the past. Realistically that means having bought a Humble bundle or Indiegala pack once. Peanuts really.

And finally, you'll need to leave a link to your SteamGifts profile below in the comments, so I can add you to my whitelist. I'd appreciate being added to your whitelist in return, if I'm cleaning up my whitelist later I'll keep the ones on there that added me as well. Fair is fair right?

I can't guarantee doing this "every single week",. but if I do, it'll be on the weekends - so tell your friends, and check back often. ;)

Once you're added you can enter the giveaway through this link:

Open to the first 5 people to leave their link. First come first served. The giveaway lasts 1 week starting "right now".