Monday, September 13, 2021

September 13, 2021
Humble Choice brings you 12 games for a fixed price every month. So, for many people the first Tuesday of the month is Humble Hype day - as a new bundle is released with a semi-random collection of indie games. Sometimes great titles, sometimes less so - but it's generally a pleasant surprise of mixed games for a decent value. Let's look at a few titles for the current month.

In general you'd pay about 9-12$ for 12 games depending on the deal you get from Humble when you pause a month. Otherwise it's around 18$ a month. You can always pause, and see whether you like the games - otherwise they unlock and you can simply claim the whole month and get straight to playing.

This month's titles

I'll be honest and tell you I paused this month. There weren't any BIG titles I was interest in, and I've got enough games in the backlog to trade for the ones that looked interesting this month. Still, everyone has different tastes and perhaps you're an avid golf fan. To me the headliner looked rather uninteresting compared to last month.

- It's a game about golf. This month's headliner. The graphics, I kid you not - are amazing,. but it's golf. You hit the ball and it flies away. I could literally not care less about this game unless it was on the Epic store.

- Now, this one I made sure to get my hands on. 2D platformer, roguelike, graphically sound. Team17 is involved in it somehow - and they're a name I've long kept track of.

- Dystopian, point and click adventure - early access. Kind of looks weird but the reviews on steam are very good. Not my kind of game though.

- An adventure rich story based puzzle game. Very cute, worth keeping an eye on - or just trading for it.

- A 2D retro action platformer with some weird glow effect going on just to be "different". I wish they'd just gone with 2D and skipped the glow. Who knows you can turn it off - but for me it just feels like it's trying too hard.

- Cell shaded (you know, 3D but looks 2D) roguelike western. It's an action shooter, and it looks sexy as heck. The steam reviews are above average, but maybe that's wishful thinking - still, it looks nice and feels very atmospheric.

- This was one I just HAD to get my hands on asap. I saw one of our GGP members (Hitsu) playing this puppy earlier, and it looked stupid fun. 2D shooter farm sim. It's only a year since release and somehow made it into HBC. Get it!

- Narrated story driven puzzle adventure, there's a few tags that blend well together. Graphically sound and good reviews.

- Looks better than it is according to the steam reviews - but still, it does look good. Reviews on steam are "mixed", so handle with care. It's cheap enough on it's own however, so shouldn't be too hard to trade for.

- Turn based tactical RPG. Good fun, but turn based,. well - I've just not got the patience for these anymore unless they're REALLY good.

- Dystopian, political sim with choices matter. Similar in a way to Not for broadcast above.

- A stylished panel by panel heist/noir adventure puzzle with the casual tag. Has a retro 60s feel to it, lots of black and white, but colored backgrounds.


For a more in-depth review about this month, I'd like to present you with the Bombchu crew review. They do a good job at playing all the games for a while and really getting you a good idea of what to expect this month from Humble Choice.