Friday, November 05, 2021

November 05, 2021


Today is the day!

Greetings readers! Have you been meaning to find a game to challenge friends with? How about a puzzle party game that has you competing against the clock? If so, Moving out: Movers in Paradise has got all that you could want. It is a generous new DLC for the original title Moving Out, a cooperative frantic co-op moving simulation game launched on April 28th, 2020! The theme is none other than… moving houses! It is developed by DevM GamesSMG Studio, and published by Team 17. With that out of the way… let’s look at what Moving out: Movers in Paradise is all about!

The premise of the Moving out: Movers in Paradise is simple enough. You take on the role of a house mover. You along with many others have the distinguished title of F.A.R.Ts (Furniture Arrangement & Relocation Technicians, not the other thing!!!). Everyone needs to work together to move tons of clunky and awkward furniture, all the while combating a very fascinating physics system. So the faster you complete your tasks, the better your score would be. There are many missions that have optional side quests, that once completed, can unlock special arcade levels to play by yourself or with friends.

Home is not a place, it’s a feeling.

Onto the gameplay! To start, Moving out: Movers in Paradise holds the inherent power to destroy basically any friendship for a moment. Interestingly, it is playable with 1 to 4 players in local co-op, however, sadly online play is not available at this point in time. The game is set in a sunnier locale, where you can try different things and avoid new hazards. So, what is your role? Move a bunch of furniture and appliances from interior buildings to a removal truck as seamlessly as possible. You and your friends will compete against the clock to fill that truck of yours with everything that has been requested. Depending on how your run went, you will be issued either a bronze, silver or gold rank.

Moving out: Movers in Paradise adds about 24 exhilarating levels. In addition, four new movers who can be played in the original levels have been added, and a horde of thematically wacky obstacles and enemies have been added too. Also, the core gameplay isn’t as simple as just moving furniture. You also have to contend with a variety of outlandish hazards, puzzles, and interesting environments while you do it.

Happiness doesn’t have just one address…

Moving out: Movers in Paradise is very vibrant and unique in its presentation. The theme seems to be tropical and laid back! This reflected in the environment around the F.A.R.Ts. Every stage that is displayed looks interesting, unique, and fun. So much so in fact, that you will be continuously trying to solve the puzzle and not be bored by it. Also, the soundtrack complements the tropical Caribbean vibe. You are able to enjoy the sounds of birds twittering about, as well as the calming ocean waves lapping up against the beach in the background. 

With all that said, what are my impressions…? Well, for starters, I had oodles of fun playing this title with my partner. I found myself cursing a lot as I attempted to figure out several puzzles, and couldn’t stop laughing. We think that the puzzles and the levels are very creative. A small caveat however is the fact that, with most party games, there are not as many hours of content that you can plow across. Especially if you are playing this by yourself, which is a royal shame but to be expected. However, with the price being what it is, I believe this to be an absolute steal and I think people should give it a try.

You can purchase Moving out: Movers in Paradise on PC (Steam).

You can also purchase it on the Playstation StoreNintendo Store and Xbox.