Friday, November 12, 2021

November 12, 2021


No-one can dub you with dignity. That is yours alone to claim.

Love bad lip readings? Ever muted the TV, and dubbed your own lines into a TV show or movie? With a concept very similar to JackboxWhat the Dub?! wows the audience and gives us the chance to re-cast some lines from older tv shows we are not acquainted in. It’s also rather nostalgic to me too in a personal sense, since it reminds me of a machine me and my sister used in Disney world to dub some words from the popular Bambi movie.

The premise is simple. Meet up with a group of friends or stream online. Boot up the game, set up the rules in options, and get your mates to insert a room code and their own quirky username. Watch some random clips from old movies or TV shows, and think “how can I make this better?”. Then, with a set amount of time provided for by the game, write down whatever comes to your mind and share that with the world. Couple the fascinating new dialogue with a range of sound effects too. Read everyone’s prompts, and laugh your ass off as you vote for which you think is the best.

How much dub would a dubstep step, if a dubstep could step dub.

For “What the Dub”, you can play with up to 12 other people. You can play either locally or use streams/screen sharing to connect with remote players. Since I am using a Nintendo Switch, my review will pertain to the experience I’ve had playing the title on this device. Moreover, I do not own a capture card, so I am unable to stream the game online and play with friends or family that way. So instead, I will refer to the experience I’ve had playing locally with friends and my partner. The game is about 1.2GB in size, and upon launching it you get a rather familiar, almost Jackbox-esque feel to the game. The start-up screen presents us with a website. This website can be used by players to connect with a mobile device or computer. So you enter your name and the room code.

Up to 12 players can participate, with 6 of those who actively play, and 6 passively voting. At minimum, the game will allow you to play with 3 people, so for couples looking to do this together, you will need a third person or 2 extra set of arms. Once confirming everyone is in, and you click start, you’re then treated to a scene with a key line of dialogue removed. It is up to you to change this to whatever you want. Then comes the timer and the text entry on the phone or computer. Uh oh! Time has run out! Now the scene will play again. But this time comes new dialogue, with text-to-speech doing the job of acting out what you wrote. Everyone will make votes based on what they have seen, and those with the highest points, of course, wins!

Hello? Yes, this is dub.

The game heavily relies on comedic abilities and talent, as well as the ability to think on your feet. For my friends and my partner, this instantaneously became a party favorite as we are able to do this. It doesn’t matter if you are 5 or 90, this game is for everyone. I noticed that there was an option in settings that could extend the time for writing out the dialogue but left it untouched. We felt as a group it would ruin the momentum to spend a long time writing out prompts. Sometimes it’s the typos that elevate what is already a funny dialogue to a hilarious one.

So… About “What the Dub?!”. It genuinely feels like it could be one of the JackBox mini-games. In fact, if you showed this to me with no context whatsoever, I would have absolutely been convinced that it was related to JackBox in some form or another. The game was a ton of fun to play. There are some small caveats, such as being unable to replay the scene before writing the dialogue, and not as many sound effects as I would have liked. There’s a lot of replayability, but, only when family or friends are around. If you and your family/friends are into re-dubbing and love comedy, then this is the game for you all!

You can purchase What the Dub?! on PC (Steam).

You can also purchase it for the PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch and Xbox.