Rogue Trees

I'm sure you've been following the updates as well, build 8982 currently on the beta servers.

The combat tree still sucks, assassination got some nerfs from the original version. However, there's some good news. Blue post: We're looking into pumping the damage up in Combat, still

Time will tell. Perhaps 5% agi added to lightning reflexes? Which is a junk talent in it's current place and form.

All your honor belongs to blizzard

As soon as 3.0.3 hits, your honor will be gone! (note I wrote 3.0.3 and not 3.0.2)
Your arena points as well. So yeah, that's the first patch after the WotLK patch which should arrive sometime next month. ETA of your honor being deleted : ~12-13 november 2008.

No, you don't have to believe me, but that's what the Big Bad Blues have announced. They're adding 4 new trinkets and 4 cloaks to spend your points on quickly, or even some gems which could then be traded off:
All of the gems that can be purchased with honor will have the Bind on Pickup and Unique-Equipped tags removed so multiples of them can be equipped and they can be traded (or auctioned).

So, if you're one of the many players foolish enough to have gathered 75K honor in "preparation for WotLK", then you're pretty much screwed. You can always buy some nice black colored mounts in preparation of the new mount achievement.

More reading material

Hey, I got to keep you busy somehow right?!
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    Enjoy :)

    1. We've had quite a few people in our guild who did just that: save up Honor and tokens in preparation for Wrath. We've all decided to avoid discussing the matter around these people because we don't want to be the ones that they learn of this from!

      That said, my perky priestess is trying to figure out what to do with her Honor and tokens. I suppose that I may purchase mounts in preparation for the mount achievements, mostly because none of the gear, gems, items, or anything are really notable upgrades for me. Hell, I PvP for fun!

    2. The honor wipe doesn't realy bother me since my warrior is purely PVE and has about 2k honor on him atm.

      The druid of my friend on the other hand ^_^

      Ps. Thanks for the comics you made me waste another saturday -.-

    3. Think I got a total of 20k spread across my chars, I'd prefer to keep it, but it's not the end of the world (of warcraft). Most of them maxed out on AV tokens though...

      Always pleased to waste some extra time, be sure to send some friends over and waste theirs :P

    4. Thanks for the comic "Least I could do" it's realy good read all 1000+ pages in 2-3 days :)

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