Don't freak out!

Your mount isn't gone, but until this bug is fixed you won't be able to use it either.

The reason to this, appears to be a rather odd interface bug in the new mount system.

It's apparently a "view issue" only, but you'll want to be careful either way.
If you've already clicked your mounts to add them to the new interface, just relog to get an updated list, press Shift+P to view your mount tab and don't freak out if it's still empty. The issue will hopefully be fixed soon (tm).

Blue posts

Blue posts: here.

Greetings all —

We are fully aware of the situation regarding a number of players not seeing their newly learned Mount and Vanity Pet “spells” and are currently monitoring the issue. This appears to simply be a display issue and it is likely that it will resolve itself in a matter of hours; please be prepared for realm restarts to address any possible issues.

We ask that you wait approximately 24 hours to see if the issue corrects itself before submitting an in-game petition regarding the matter. If after that time you are still unable to use your mount or vanity pet, please submit a petition and our staff will investigate the issue for you.

Updates regarding the matter will be provided as necessary.


As I mentioned in the original post, this issue appears to be a simple display issue where the character has actually learned the ability, but it is not showing in the Pet/Mount tab.

Again, please give things some time to settle, and if you still do not have the Mount and/or Pet in the appropriate tab, please contact our in-game support staff and we'll investigate the issue for you. Please allow approximately 24 hours to pass to see if the issue alleviates itself for you.

In short, don't get a heart attack just yet.


  1. Jesus christ, thanks a million. If I didn't read this before I could have logged in, I might just used all my mounts and Pets.

    Which include my Raven mount and Bear mount...

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